Inside the Bulls Summer Conditioning Part 2

With the USF pre-season about to start Monday, now's a good time to check our second installment that will give Bulls fans an inside look at the Bulls summer conditioning program under Coach Mac. Read all about it and see which defensive players have made the biggest gains this summer. Only on

On Monday the Bulls will hit the practice fields in jerseys for the first time since April, and have officially finished the off-season conditioning phase, but this year USF Strength Coach Ronnie McKeefery sees a noticeable difference in the team's attitude heading into the preseason.  

"We have a big senior class, with great seniors leading the team, and it shows," said McKeefery. "They're all committed to each other, and they all tasted it. They've been in it long enough that they are a lot more accountable to work-outs, conditioning, and you can see it." 

This off-season the Bulls are abundant with talent, and it's a lot more competitive then it's ever been in years past. In every position on defense; on the D-line, at defensive back, at linebacker, there are guys battling it out.  "That translates to preseason conditioning," said McKeefery. "They're not just out there working, they're out there trying to impress and earn a spot."  

In 2008 the Bulls graded out better statically in every category; Team strength, team speed, team power, and that all comes from the work that Coach McKeefery instills on the team. "This summer I challenged the guys," said McKeefery. "And many of the guys stepped up."  

Coach Mac and the entire strength and conditioning staff have been as committed to this group as they have ever had, and have really pushed them beyond limits. "They may not always like me, but I make them do the work that needs to be done," said McKeefery. "They stepped up and really delivered this off-season." 

After a very strenuous off-season, Coach Mac said there was one thing the team needed to do to get prepared for the start of the preseason. "The big thing right now was recovery. We been beating the [heck] out of them ever since January, and at this point they just need to get their legs back before Monday." McKeefery also added "They worked hard and are ready to go.We have a very impressive group, and have a great chance. We just got to put it all together now."

On Monday the Bulls did their annual testing, and USFNation already gave you the offensive results, now check out who made the best strides on the defensive side of the ball! 

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  • All this and much more inside

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