USF Preseason '08: Bulls LB Kion Wilson

Kion Wilson was one of the highest ranked recruits in the Bulls '07 class, and after being sidelined this spring with an injury, he's ready to make an impact with the Bulls. Read on and find out what changes he's made this off-season to get better and his goals this fall. Only on Get it First Get it fast!

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 What's it like coming out here this summer?

Kion Wilson: Coming out here this summer is a real big challenge, and its one of the biggest challenges I had to face through out my football career. There's a lot of talent in front of me, and my major thing was having to come and learn this defense and be a part of it."


USFN: What is the main difference you've made in your self from spring until now?

Kion: From the spring to now, I got an attitude, I'm hungry I have to get it. I have a mission and I have a goal, and this team has goals and I like to be a part of it. So we can achieve it."


USFN: You had some injury setbacks this spring, have you come back from that?

Kion: This spring I rolled my ankle on the first day of practice. Which really set me back, but it didn't stop me from the knowledge aspect. I'm 100 percent now, and I'm ready.


USFN: You're in incredible shape, talk about the conditioning you've done.

Kion: Conditioning was a real big challenge for me, but I ran cross country in high school, so therefore I still had the conditioning and the mind set to do anything and that's what I do.


USFN: What kind of physical changes have you made?

Kion: Physical changes, in the off-season I got up to 250, now I'm down to 232. I'm running a lot better, I got my movement back, and everything, and I'm good.


USFN: Are you stronger in and out of the weight room?

Kion: I'm stronger, I'm maintaining, and my body fat went down, everything.


USFN: Do you have a grasp on the defense now?

Kion: Oh yeah, the defense I'm still learning. It's a big task that I'm still learning. Day by day we install stuff and we're learning.


USFN: Who do you learn from the most on the field?

Kion: On the field, I have to say Kenneth Luberice. He's a defensive end that moved to linebacker and that helps me a lot, because I have to set the front. In case we get quizzes before practice, after practice, during practice and it really helps me a lot.


USFN: Do you have any goals for the pre-season?

Kion: I want to be the man for the job, I'm working real hard, I'm trying to learn this defense and I want to be the starter.


USFN: Where are you working at the most right now?

Kion: I'm working most at MIKE right now. I'm trying to get a little work in at WILL, but MIKE is my main line of work.


USFN: What's the Mantra of the linebacker unit going into the season?

Kion: The linebackers, we work hard. There's not a day that we take off, not a moment in practice that we're not learning, and installing and actually working.

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