Is Adaris Bellamy's Commitment to USF Soft?

USFN has the exclusive interview with Dunedin running back & Bulls commit Adaris Bellamy. He talks about the rumors of a possible soft commit, where USF stands, and more! Stay informed with

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How are things going with practice?

"We started up yesterday. It felt good. I haven't had pads on since the spring game."


What are you focusing on?

"I just want to prepare for the upcoming season, and getting our team working together and clicking together as a team, not as individuals. Get everybody on the same page. I'm exited and I'm always ready for the new season, and a new challenge."


Let's talk about recruiting. Are you still a commit to South Florida?

"Yes I'm still committed."


The Times said that you considered your self a soft commit now?

"No it's a strong commit. I'm going to USF, and if I had any doubts, I basically made my mind up for sure today."


What was it you the spoke to the paper?

"Yeah, it was all a big misunderstanding about me saying that I was going to take other visits, and I guess they took that as meaning a soft verbal, but USF is where I'm going to go. "


Do you consider yourself solid with USF?

"Yes I'm solid, and excited."


Are you going to take any other visits?

"I don't know, I may take visits to Florida, Florida State and some other schools. I don't know yet, I think I'm going to take them but I'm not positive."


Have You spoke with the USF coaches recently?

"Yeah I spoke to them today. It went good, we talked about football, and the commit, and what the paper said. Then we talked about getting over to a practice and stuff. We cool."


Are you going to get over to USF and see them practice?

"When I spoke with the USF coaches today they told me their practice schedule. I'm going to try and get over there either this week or next week before school starts, and watch them practice."


What coach did you speak with?

"I spoke with Coach Franks. He's a real mellow, down to earth guy. I can't wait to get out of high school and play for them, get to that next level and see how it is."

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