USF Preseason '08 Q&A: NT Sampson Genus

USF nose tackle Sampson Genus is a rising star on the Bulls D-line, and the staff is counting on Genus to be an impact this year. Find out why Sampson is better prepared mentally & physically for this season, and much more. Only on Get it First Get it fast! Full Story

After coming in as a center, Sampson Genus got his first look at DT this past spring, and looked impressive enough to be listed as a starter all of the preseason.


Sampson, talk about making the transition to defense tackle.

"It's a big change. Everything moves real fast, and Coach Patrick moves us fast. There's a lot more running. It's a lot different from the O-line."


Are you more comfortable now then you were in the spring?

"Yeah, I got to learn a lot more since then. In the spring they just snatched me to the D-line, and it was a bit mind blowing. But now with the meetings we're doing and the studying, I'm really getting everything pretty good now."


What things did you learn on offense that helps you while playing on defense?

"I was a center, so I can pretty much tell when he's going to snap the ball. Plus I play nose guard, so it's easy for me to read the ball, and tell when they are going to pass or run block. "


Are you surprised how easily you were able to make the transition to defense, and move up to starting nose tackle?

"Sort of, but I can learn quickly, real quickly. It doesn't take much for me to learn it. I just sit down and study, and get with it."


Now that you're on defense, what player gives you the hardest time on offense?

 "I'd say Ryan Schmidt. He's probably the hardest one out of all of them."


How about the running backs, do you have a hard time bringing any of them down?

"No, not really, I don't have trouble with any of them."


You've look like you made some physical improvements in the off-season?

"Yeah, I cut about ten pounds or so, and wanted to drop some more before the season starts.


Talk about your impressive summer testing numbers where you went up in every category?

"I just worked real hard, and went up in every category. I tried to hit 30 reps, but couldn't get it, so I got 29 reps of 225 pounds."


What did you do to help you get faster and ready for an expanded role?

"I lot of running, a lot of extra running. I would get with the coaches and the players and ask a lot of questions, what are the signs, calls, and things like that."

Is there anything you want to work on from now until the first game against Tennessee-Martin?

"Just keep working hard and get better every practice and every single day."  Message Boards - Get it First, Get it Fast!


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