Are the Bulls After Another QB?

There has been a lot of talk that the Bulls are recruiting only one QB, however, USFNation talked with Fort Pierce quarterback Isaac Virgin about what position the Bulls like him at, what other teams have offered and if he'll be attending any games in Tampa this fall. Read on for the details.

In July Isaac Virgin participated in the Bulls first annual SuperBull held at Raymond James stadium. Throughout the rest of the summer he also attended camps at Miami, FIU and a 7-on-7 in Boca, however it was the camp in Tampa that made the biggest impact.

"I thought the SuperBull was my favorite camp of the summer." Adding, "I was most comfortable at that camp. I liked working with the coaches and I liked the atmosphere."

The 6-foot-235 pound Fort Pierce QB has 4 offers; Liberty, Iowa State, USF and Buffalo. He doesn't have a favorite just yet, but says the Bulls are looking good right now.

"I stay in touch with their coaches once a week. I try and call them either Saturday or Sunday. We've been talking for a while now."

Virgin is such a dynamic athlete that it's hard to pinpoint which position he'll play in college, that's why he talks with three coaches from USF. One, Coach Patrick is his regional recruiter, then he also talks to Coach Scott (tight ends) and Coach Gregory (quarterback). He's also thought of playing defensive end, but the consensus is he'll end up at either TE or QB.

"I have a close relationship with the coaches. That will give them leverage over any new teams that offer me during the season. I feel comfortable with the staff and I think their offense fits my style. I could see myself playing there, I really like the balance their offense has."

The question is, what position would Isaac prefer to play?

"The South Florida coaches say it's my decision. If I choose to go there I can pick where I want to play. Right now I'd say it's QB, but things change."

Decision time for Virgin will be close to the end of his season, until then he plans to make a couple visits. The only one he has set right now is to USF the weekend they play Kansas. Most high school athletes will be busy with their own games on that Friday night, but Virgin has a bye week and says he'll be spending his off-night in Tampa. Stick with for the latest on Isaac Virgin and the rest of the '09 class.

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