Bulls Looking to Pull Two JUCO OT's from Cali

The Bulls coaching staff has been hard at work in California this off-season. Now there is a new name on the board and he's very interested in what USF has to offer. Find out why 4 USF coaches talked to the 6'8 tackle last week, where he fits in on the Oline and what other teams are recruiting him. Get informed, only on USFNation.com!

The Bulls are after yet another JUCO offensive tackle from California. After losing out on Zach Hanson to Kansas State, the Bulls turned their focus to Carlos Savala at College of the Desert. Now there is a new name on the board and you can find him right next to Carlos, Jack Julsing plays right tackle on the same line as Savala at College of the Desert.

As with most JUCO recruits, Julsing has an interesting story of how he got to the College of the Desert. The 6-foot-8, 315 pound tackle is originally from Marino Valley, California where he attended high school at Vista Del Lago, which is not far from where Carlos played his high school ball. Then he went on to play division three football in Wisconsin.

"Basically how I ended up playing football in Wisconsin was that my Mom lived there and I got in-state tuition because of that. I didn't really know I would end up playing D1 college football, I just thought it would be fun to play out there."

After a year of playing football in Wisconsin he got a phone call from the coach of College of the Desert saying a former teammate was there and playing well. He wanted to get Jack out there and see if he could help the team.

"I said, ‘oh well' I'll go try it. I couldn't really afford the tuition anymore in Wisconsin so I decided to move back to California."

Last year Julsing took a year off, got a job and saved up enough money to enroll and be eligible to play the 2008 season at College of the Desert.

"I knew I was going to move, I couldn't afford to play in California last year. I decided to work for the summer and fall semester while in Wisconsin. I saved up to get back to California and play spring football."

Out of high school Julsing had only one offer and that was from San Diego State. He was scheduled to take an official visit there, but before he could the entire staff except for the head coach was fired.

"After the staff got fired I really never heard from them again, they backed off."

The main reason Julsing wasn't recruited heavily out of high school was because of his size. He says that after his senior year he was nowhere near the athlete he is now.

"I was pretty tall, but skinny. I was 6'7, 260."

Now that he's added the size he's ready to field some offers. As of now he doesn't have any offers, San Diego State is back in the picture along with South Florida. The Bulls have offered Carlos and in the process they have grown fond of Jack Julsing, who will most likely have an offer within the next few weeks.

"That's the good thing about playing with Carlos, all the coaches come to see him and then they notice me there too. He has all the recognition from last year which has helped me get noticed."

The Bulls may not have offered yet but they are showing a lot of interest according to Jack.

"A week ago I talked with four of their coaches. I talked with Coach Canales, then I talked to their Oline, tight ends and quarterback coach. They told me they would like to see Carlos Savala at left tackle and Jack Julsing at right tackle in 2009. I got pretty excited because I've never been to Florida in my life and I definitely want to go there."

The big question now is: Is moving to Florida a real possibility?

"Oh yeah." Julsing answered quickly, "You know, I just want to play. The main thing for me is to get my school paid for, go to a team where I fit in and they need me. It doesn't really matter what school, as long as I'm needed and I can go in and make an impact, that's all that matters."

"I got my AA this summer, which makes me eligible to transfer in December and play spring ball. Getting there in the spring gives me enough time to learn the offense and compete for a starting job in the fall."

Another factor in his decision is having the opportunity to play along side Carlos Savala on the D1 level.

"San Diego State told us they don't think they'll have room for two JUCO's so they may only take one of us. I work really well with Carlos and we've talked about going to the same school."

"Carlos pushes me. We work real hard together, we run, we lift and make each other better. The coaches at South Florida have talked about getting both of us and they might be the only one interested in that."

For now there has been no visit date set, the Bulls staff is in the process of setting a date and Jack said he expects to have Carlos at his side for his official visit to Tampa. USFNation will have another update with Jack Julsing and Carlos Savala once a visit has been scheduled.

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