USFNation Q&A: Bulls DE Jarriett Buie

USF Defensive End Jarriett Buie is in his final season on the d-line, and after his best year as a Bull, wants to be even more of an impact this year. Find out why Buie is better prepared mentally & physically for this season, how going against a veteran O-line in practice helps, and more. Only on

Defensive End Jarriett Buie How does it feel to be finished the preseason, two-a-days, and into game week?

Buie: Camp was crazy, and we're glad it's over. I know this may sound odd, but at the same time I tell the young guys, you're going to miss it when it's done. I already miss it, but glad it's over and ready for the season to start."


USFN: You haven't hit anybody else since the Oregon game, how eager are you to hit somebody not wearing green and gold?

Buie: Selvie and I are ready, and we're ready to take some frustration out on another team, because you get tired of hitting each other. Were ready to hit someone else and show everybody what we've been working for."


USFN: Describe the feeling of playing your senior season and last as a Bull?

Buie: We really just want to go out with a boom. Selvie and I are always competing and we want to make the most out of each game, each series, each play, and play it like its going to be our last."


USFN: Talk about what you've done to improve and get better over the year?

Buie: This year I'm a lot more focused, and a lot more determined to be better, and play better. I worked a lot harder this off-season, in the spring and the summer. It's not a certain spot I've improved in. It's in a lot of areas across the board. I've improved physically and mentally as I'm getting to graduate here pretty soon.


USFN: With two new D-line coaches and an influx of new big men in the inside, how do you feel about the D-line in general?

Buie: I feel like we got a very bright future. With the younger guys on the inside I always talk to them and am always telling them for us to be successful, we all got to work together. It's a team effort, and it all starts in the middle. I tell the inside guys, flush that quarterback out, so me and Selvie can do our thing. When we all work together we can be very successful.


USFN: What is it like going against an o-line with four seniors every day in practice?

Buie: At the beginning of camp it was……Lets just say it was very intense. After a few fights, the chemistry started to grow, and we know each other a whole lot better. We also know what we need to improve at. So we watch film together a lot, and have become a lot closer. It's great to be with those guys, and learn more about the game from each other. Going against that O-line makes us better on defense.


USFN: How do you guys look at the first game against Tennessee-Martin?

Buie: We want to go out and play our game. We don't want to play down to anybody else's level, and we want to play higher. We don't care who it is, or how they're ranked. We want to go out there and play a great game, not a good game, but a great game.

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