USFNation Q&A With Bulls QB Matt Grothe

As the first game approaches, USFNation talks with Bulls Quarterback Matt Grothe. Read on and find out about Grothe's impressive summer workouts, the Bulls offense, and his expectations for the upcoming season, and more. Only on

USF QB Matt Grothe

: What did you do in the off-season to prepare for this year?

Grothe: I did a lot of tough work and have been here everyday working my butt off. I want to get ready and not have back problems like I had towards the end of spring. I want to just come out here and do what I know I can do so I started eating better and cut back on Chick-fil-A. I will do whatever I can to get down and get in shape.


USFN: With all your workout numbers up, do you feel a difference while out on the field?

Grothe: Yeah. Sometimes when I ran last year, it would feel like someone was pulling me down a little bit. Now I feel like the old fifth-grader that used to play football in the sandlot.


USFN: Do you feel like you have gained speed?

Grothe: I definitely feel faster. I think it is going to make a big difference when fall comes around and we have our first couple of games. It is going to help me get out of the way of pressure while making me that much quicker


USFN: How has your throwing arm been feeling?

Grothe: I think my arm is the strongest it has ever been. It's going to help get the ball into tighter spots and eliminate some of the mistakes I made last year.


USFN: Is there a difference in the attitude the team has compared to last year?

Grothe: We go out there and have a good time every once in a while, but we know when we need to work and when we can play around. We know what we did last year and what we could have done. We are coming back with basically the same offense, and I think we have a better defense then we had last year. It is just a matter of staying focused and playing one game at a time.


USFN: Do you feel there is a good amount of cohesiveness with the team?

Grothe: Yeah definitely. That is going to come from just being here. We know what is coming, and we have all been here for so long and around each other that it is just another day and another chance to get closer to playing.


USFN: What is your feelings bout how everything went this summer?

Grothe: We had one of the best summers we have ever had. I think everyone is in as good condition as they can be going into the season. It is just about getting the mental reps down. Everybody is physically ready. It is just about getting mentally prepared now.


USFN: Do you see a difference in how the receivers carry themselves?

Grothe: Yeah I see it a lot especially the last couple of days. If we are watching film and someone makes a nice catch, Taurus (Johnson) normally will tell that player good job and just try to motivate him. We all know that if we want to win, we have to play as one unit. We know what we need to do and what we need to work on. 


USFN: Is it hard to not look ahead to UCF or Kansas when playing a Division 1-AA school such as UT Martin?

Grothe: No. The last two years we have struggled in our first games. I think this year will be more about going out there and showing everyone that we are as good as we say we are.


USFN: How do you avoid overlooking these games?

Grothe: I have no idea. Honestly I don't know how to fix it if I don't know why we are struggling. Just going out there and executing is probably the biggest thing. We have a chance to do big things this year so we are going to go out and play well this first game.


USFN: Do you see a difference in the team's attitude after last year's success?

Grothe: I think we are more excited then ever before. I know on the offensive side of the ball we are ready to just get out there and rebound from the ups and downs from last season. We just want to go out there and put ourselves in a position to win the Big East this year.


USFN: Do you have any personal goals for this year?

Grothe: To make it through every practice, and every game while continuing to get better.





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