Bulls LB Tyrone McKenzie Looking to Dominate

USF linebacker Tyrone McKenzie is in his final season as a Bull, and after leading all D-I players in tackles over the past two years, wants to be even more of an impact this season. Read on and find out why T-Mac wants to hit anybody not wearing Green & gold, and his thoughts on the home opener, and more. Only on USFNation.com.

Linebacker Tyrone McKenzie

USFNation.com: What are your thoughts on finishing the preseason and two-a-days? Tyrone McKenzie: First thoughts are thank god it's over. But actually it was great. I think we really came together as a team. We spend so much time over the summer working hard, and that's what the preseason is about. Everybody grinding it out working and earning it and it forms a bond and brings us together as a team.

USFN: After playing in different places, how does two-a-days in the Florida heat prepare you for the season?
T-Mac: It definitely gets you ready. There is nowhere else that's hotter then Florida in the summer. We're out here working in the hot sun, with all the aspects of that heat, and it helps us down the stretch. Especially when we play a northern team that has to come down here and play in this heat. They're just not used to it, and it gives us an edge.  

USFN: You started the preseason in the middle and then got moved back to the outside, how do you feel about that?
T-Mac: I'm fine with it and I have to do what ever is best for the team, and right now I'm basically playing all three positions. Being able to play all three is an advantage in case later in the season something happens. I can slide over and play.

USFN: How do you feel about the linebacker unit now that you've settled in to your positions the last few weeks?
T-Mac: It feels great, and I feel great about the guys I work with. I played with Brouce last year and that's a great asset, and Kion's had a very good summer, I think we play very well together.

USFN: Talk about going into your senior year and what it means to you?
T-Mac: It means everything. It means I can either rise or fall. I'm focused on rising to the top, and am going to go out there and give it all I got every chance that I can.

USFN: How do you guys look at the first game against Tennessee-Martin?
T-Mac:  It means a lot to us just to go out there and play another team then each other. The last game we played was Oregon last season, and we want to put that behind us. It feels great and I'm very excited. I'm looking at Tennessee-Martin as if they are the No. 1 team in the nation right now. Basically in my mind they can come in here and beat the crap out of us, and I'm going to do everything to not let that happen.

USFN: You haven't hit anybody else since the Oregon game, how eager are you to hit somebody not wearing green and gold?
T-Mac: It feels good just thinking about it. I'm so excited and I'm tired of hitting Cedric (Hill) Mike Ford and all the boys. It gets old after awhile, and after the first two weeks of practice I got tired of hitting those guys, and I'm really ready to hit somebody else.

USFN: How do you game plan for a team like Tennessee-Martin?
T-Mac: We game plan the same way we plan for any other team. We watch tape, worry about who we have to go across, and worry about every possible aspect of the game. That way we don't over look anything, and avoid making mistakes.

USFN: This season coach says you're playing in the nickel package, how do you feel about being on the field even more?
T-Mac: Just to be out there and know the coaches trust you that much feels good. Last year I was out there a lot, and was Brouce and I were substituting back and forth at Will, and this season I'm going to go out there and have fun. I put a lot of work into getting into the shape I'm in today, I feel great, and am ready.

USFN: Is there anything you guys are looking to accomplish in the first game?
T-Mac: We're looking to dominate. We want to win the game, but not just win it, but to dominate it. That's what we need to do. We need to do that in every game this season. If we're not dominating, then were not playing to our full potential. We got to bring that focus in every game, no matter who we're playing.

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