Bulls WR A.J. Love Has Got the Juice!

USF wide receiver A.J. Love has had a great off-season and after getting bumped to the first team, may be one of the Bulls best kept secrets. Read on and find out what A.J.'s done to improve his play, why he thinks Grothe is the best he's ever been, his thoughts on the home opener, and more. Only on USFNation.com

USF Wide Receiver A.J. Love


USFNation: Talk about finishing the preseason, and preparing for game week.

A.J. Love:  It feels good to prepare for somebody other then our defense. Its crunch time now. It's really exciting to open the season and see what we have. We look good in practice but you never really know for sure until you line up against somebody else.


USFN: How anxious are you to hit somebody not wearing green and white?

Love: I'm very anxious. It's been about a month now that we've been hitting the same colors. I'm ready to beat up on somebody else and see how I've been progressing through practice. 


USFN: Do you want to get a new game under your belt and put to bed the last game against Oregon?

Love: That's in the past, but we still feel we have something to prove.  And we want to come out and show what we can do this time around, and get it done the right way.


USFN: What have you done over the year to improve your play and be able to make an impact on this team?

Love: I've been watching a lot of film, studying more, working a lot harder. I've had more dedication with my coaches sitting down and talking with them on what I need to improve at, and then improving in those areas


USFN: Talk about how you've changed physically?

Love: I put on about 10 pounds, and a lot stronger. I also dropped a couple of hundreds of a second off my 40. I'm a much better route runner, and I use my hands more as far as blocking and getting off the line. I feel I've improved all around really.  


USFN: How does it feel to be rewarded with a starting receiver slot?

Love: It feels very good. I feel that should be everybody's dream to start for what ever team you play for. That means you're a leader and if it comes down to crunch time then you're going to be the guy that everyone wants to go to.


USFN: Last year you had a couple of fumbles, does that play into your mind, and is it something you worked on this off-season?

Love: Yeah it was in mind a little bit, but it's not going to affect me this year. I've worked on ball security, and it just came from inexperience. I carry the ball a lot more in practice because I'm getting reps and I don't think it will be an issue.


USFN: What are feeling on the wide receiver unit in general?

Love: Oh man we're very talented, and we have a lot of young guys that are going to be here for a couple of years. We all out there making plays and I think we're going to be dangerous this year.


USFN: Talk about the difference in quarterback Matt Grothe this year.

Love:  I think matt's the best he's been since I've been here. I mean he's leaner, and it looks like he's faster and stronger. His arms gotten stronger and he's making better reads, and I think he's gotten better in ever aspect as well.


USFN: I know you still use who's got the juice, who had it this week in practice?

Love: Coach didn't give it out to anybody individually. We all had the juice. We came out and worked hard and just try and improve every day.


USFN: The entire receiver unit looks in great shape is that something you guys worked on in the off season?

Love: Yeah, everybody came together and we all said we wanted to be great. So we laid out the ground rules of what we had to do. Get bigger, faster, stronger, and better and that's what we've been doing.


USFN: Is there anything you guys are looking to accomplish in the first game?

Love: Just do my job that's all. Get a win, and just do my part.


USFN: How do you guys look at the first game against Tennessee-Martin?

Love:  This game is the Super Bowl. We look at every game like it's the super bowl. Tennessee-Martin is our first one, so we got to go out and get our first Super Bowl win.

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