USF S Carlton Williams focused on BE Title

The Bulls senior safety is focused on winning the Big East Title and nothing less in '08! Read on and get Carlton's thoughts on entering his senior season, the secondary, USF's home opener against UT-Martin, and more. Only on

Safety Carlton Williams


USFN: Talk about finishing up your last preseason/two-a-days as a Bull

Carlton Williams: As crazy as this may sound, I'm almost sad to see it come to an end. Because I know it's pretty much down hill from now. As much as I didn't want two a days to end, I'm ready and anxious for the season to start.


USFN: Talk about the anticipation to hit somebody else and play the first game

Carlton: You have no idea how eager we are. And what's still in my heart is that the last game we played in we lost, and got beat pretty bad. That's been lingering in my mind since January. To finally get to someone that's not your teammate will be like a stress reliever.


USFN: How do you feel about the experience at the safety position going into the season?

Carlton: What a lot of people don't realize is how all four of us have played a lot of football, and this is nothing new anymore, and we just go out there and get the job done. We're all looked upon as senior leaders, and we just go out, accept that role, and lead the team, especially our defense, the best way that we can.


USFN: Murphy & Roberts are first time starters, talk about their experience at the position?

Carlton: With as much publicity that Mike Jenkins & Trae Williams got, people didn't realize that when they went off the field, it was Tyller and Murph taken their place. The only thing that's going to be different is they're going to be starting games instead of coming in relief. As a whole I think we have a lot of continuity, and familiarity and we know what each other can and can't do, and what are strengths and weaknesses are. It's just about us going out there and doing our best and being the best we can be.


USFN: Even though you lost some key players does the secondary look like it won'?

Carlton: That's the thing about college. Every year people are leaving. Either graduating or going on to the NFL. You have to build your program so when that happens you don't miss a beat, and that's what I think we've done.


USFN: What's your overall view of this year's defense?

Carlton: I think this is the tightest groups that I've been around since I've been here. You can't really tell until you've played that first game and get tested, but from what I've seen in practice, I'm real confident that we'll do very well.


USFN: You guys struggled a bit in previous home openers, how do you guys view Tennessee-Martin?

Carlton: We all view it as we don't nobody for granted and don't underestimate nobody either. We want to go out there and play one of our best games to be successful. You never want any shockers, and on any given day if you're not playing your best, anybody can beat you. I'm pretty sure they're going to bring their best game, so we better bring ours.


USFN: Talk about what playing your senior year as a Bull means to you.

Carlton: It means everything. For us to even be in a situation like this is amazing. All the players, all the accomplishments, and graduating this fall, while playing for a major program that can do big things means a lot. I'm going to be cherishing every moment.


USFN: Is there anything that you want to accomplish?

Carlton: A Big East Championship. I really don't want to settle for nothing less. I'm been okay with us going 9-4, but to me that's just okay, and not what I think this program is striving for, or wants to be. Right now my only mindset is winning that Big East Title.



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