Home Game Recruiting Wrap-up

There were plenty of recruits on the sidelines for the Bulls 2008 season opener. Find out who was there and what they had to say about USF. Only on USFNation.com!

RB Adaris Bellamy

Bellamy was on the sidelines, excited to be at his first USF game as a Bulls commit. He told me he was excited to follow USF this year and he thinks this will be a big year for them. Adaris stayed the entire game and met with the coaches afterwards.

RB Bradley Battles

Battles said the rain wasn't going to stop him from making it to the game. He wishes he could be at every home game, but because of his football schedule he'll only be able to make it to a few and that's why he made sure he wouldn't miss the home opener.

OT Kendall Kelly

It was Kendall's first time seeing the Bulls in action and he had a smile on his face the entire time. We talked for a little while about his up-coming season and of course I had to bring up the article that was written about him by an Arkansas newspaper. Kendall told me the writer, "twisted" what he said and that he's "100% Bull". I joked with him and asked if he had a chance to go over it with the coaches yet, he said, "oh yeah, they let me know about it!". Kendall said he and the staff are on the same page and he doesn't expect any more articles like that to come out about him.

RB Mike James

Miami Hurricane commit Mike James was at the Bulls opener on Saturday. He said he didn't make it to the UM home opener because he had a game the next day, but says he'll be at 2 or 3 of their games this year. Mike was anxious to see how USF would do this year. He told me he hopes to make it to as many games as he can especially the Kansas game. When I told Mike the Kansas game was on a Friday night he turned to his friend and said, "No! Man, that's the game I've been wanting to see." He's going to try and make it to the Pitt game and Rutgers later in November. An interesting note; Mike James, along with a few other uncomitted recruits, were the only one's wearing USF gear. Not even the Bulls commits were wearing the Green & Gold. Mike also hung around after the game to talk with the coaches.

ATH Juarez Wynn

Wynn does have an offer from USF, pending grades. He is one of the top running backs in Pinellas County, but is being recruited by the Bulls staff as a corner.

Notable no-shows: Most of the local recruits stayed away because of the weather, it started raining hard about 2 hours prior to game time. The recruits who lived out-of-town made it in because they most likely left home before it started raining in Tampa. Two big names who were supposed to show were Julius Forte and Ryne Giddins.

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