McKenzie Excited with Bulls Performance

USF linebacker Tyrone McKenzie only played one half of football, but recorded five solo tackles, and the Bulls only sack of the evening for an 8-yard loss. Read on and find out why T-Mac's thoughts on only playing for a short time in the first game, his thoughts on Bulls defensive performance, and more. Only on

The Bulls first game of the season is officially in the books. Now a 56-7 rout replaces the last game memory from last year, and gives fans and players reason for hope and excitement for the rest of the season.

"I'm pumped, I thought it was a great game for us," said McKenzie. "There were a couple of things I was rusty on at first, but I started to get into the flow of things towards the end of the time I spent in before the starters were taking out early, But I feel great about our performance."

McKenzie wasn't in for long but in the in the one half of football that he played, he registered five solo tackles, and also recorded the Bulls only sack of the evening for an 8-yard loss."

"I feel good about what I did," said Tyrone. "I wish I could have stayed in longer and gotten more in the flow, but the score was up and we needed to get out. I was real excited to see the younger guys go out there and play. They're excited and work hard just like everybody else on the team, and they finally got a chance to play some and that was exciting for me."

McKenzie is in his final season as a Bull, and after leading all D-I players in tackles over the past two years, with a USF record of 121 last year. How does T-Mac feel about not playing a full game, and the stats that go with it?

"I'm okay with that. This is the strength of our team, and you go out there and have guys that when the score is that high you got to get the starters out and give those young a chance so they can build for the future."

When we spoke with Tyrone on Tuesday before the game the senior linebacker said, "We're looking to dominate. We want to win the game, but not just win it, but to dominate it. That's what we need to do." The Bulls held UT Martin to just 97 yards of offense and were shut down by the Bulls defense all night, but does T-Mac feel it was a dominating effort?

"I think we did," said McKenzie. "We dominated to a certain extent. I feel that we could have dominated a little bit more in a couple of things in our game, on special teams offense/defense we were a little shaky in a couple of areas, but we did a good job of making sure the score is clear, unlike last year against Elon."

The game wasn't a shut out, but the Skyhawk's only score was on a fumble return in the third quarter, and that type of a defensive effort, sits just fine with the Bulls senor linebacker.

"It feels great. Coach Burnham, coach Douglas and all the defensive coaches do such a great job game planning, and we go out there and execute, and it feels great to see a stat like that."

The Bulls wanted to make an opening day statement, especially the defense, but did they accomplish everything they set out to on the evening?

"I'd say yes. We got the win, so I believe so."

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