CB Josh Robinson Talks About USF/UCF Game

Before the season started Josh Robinson told USFnation that UCF and USF were at the top of his list. On Saturday he saw the two teams face off at Bright House Networks Field. Find out what he thought of the game and if he now has a clear leader. Read on for the inside scoop!

Three weeks ago Josh Robinson told USFNation.com that USF and UCF were at the top of his list. "USF & UCF are my top 2 schools", were his exact words. On Saturday Josh had the opportunity to watch the two schools at the top of his list battle it out in Orlando.

"I thought it was a great game, I loved it."

For Robinson the game itself was only part of his experience, he was blown away by the excitement in the stands.

"I really liked being around the fans and seeing how excited they were about the game."

In the end the Bulls won in overtime, however, Robinson didn't think it would be that close.

"I actually left early!" Adding, "As I was leaving I heard the stadium erupt, I asked someone who was walking out what was happening and they said UCF just tied the game. I was like ‘oh my goodness!'. I was going to go back in but I had to take some people home and it was a three hour drive and I had church in the morning so I had to leave."

Robinson said South Florida and Central Florida played a good overall game and saw areas in which both teams can improve.

"It was a hard fought game, I enjoyed it and I look forward to visiting both schools in the future."

Prior to this game Robinson wasn't ready to name a top team, but after seeing them play Saturday has that changed?

"I still don't have one above the other. They are still the same to me, I love each school so much and I'm really impressed by what both schools have to offer. I'm going to keep looking at them and hope everything plays its self out."

On Monday Robinson received a surprise visit from the UCF staff. Two coaches came by Plantation High to have their one Fall visit with the 3-Star recruit.

"They came by for their visit and it went real well. We spoke for a minute and then they came back and watched my practice."

Besides UCF and USF at the top, Robinson is still looking at Michigan, South Carolina and Florida.

"I haven't had a chance to see Michigan, I'm hoping to plan a visit there real soon."

On November 30th Josh Robinson plans on announcing his college plans, that means between now and the 30th of November he would like to take his official visits.

"I'm actually working on setting those up now, I want to do them real soon. I'll take some this month and next month."

Bulls fans should also expect to see Robinson at Raymond James Stadium very soon. He can't make the Kansas game, but said he's going to look at his schedule and attend the first home game that doesn't interfere with his teams Friday night games. USFNation will have another update with him once a visit is set.

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