Bulls OC Coach Gregory Gets Offensive

Coach Gregory talks to USFNation about the Bulls offensive performance on Saturday night. South Florida beat Kansas 37-34 in a thriller for the ages, and there were plenty of offensive standouts, see what Coach Gregory had to say after the game. Stay informed with USFNation.com

USF Offensive Coordinator Greg Gregory

What are your thoughts on Jamar Taylor's performance against Kansas?

"Remember Jamar Taylor was Alabama's leading Rusher in their spring game two years ago, and he's a pretty good player."

How do you choose between what back to feature?

"It's like I told you before, we don't know going into a game which guy is going to be the guy. As receiver as a running back, we don't try to feature a guy. We try to find the hot hand and sometimes it's the running back position, and that's what Karl Franks works on. We play them all early and if somebody gets hot, then that's what we go with."

What do you think the key to winning the game was?

"I think the key to the game was being able to run the ball in the second half, I really do. It changed everything."

After two strong outings, what are your feelings on Matt Grothe's play?

"Matt's playing great I told people before the season, and I'm not sure if it does have anything to do with it, but I thought with Matt dropping the weight, he's quicker and I think it allows him to actually get more on the football throw."

Do you feel Matt is managing the game better?

"I think Matt is committed to not turning the ball over. I know he had two last week. One wasn't his fault, and the other he just made a bad decision, but I think he's playing outstanding football right now, and has great knowledge of what's going on and is very comfortable in what we're doing."

What are your thoughts on his 338 yards 2 TD's and no interception on the night?

"He's playing great football, but I think our system and our line is playing great right now. He's getting a little pressure and they sacked him once but that was more his fault then the lines. People get enamored with the skilled guys, but it all starts upfront. They are the guys and if they can protect the way they have been, then we got a great chance."

Has T.J done anything differently to spark his improved play?

"I don't see anything different, but he was a little down after the first game, and I think he's become more committed to learning everything that he's supposed to and he's much more comfortable in the offense. I also think he's playing harder and practiced harder the last two weeks and the results show."

With many options at receiver, how do decide where the ball is going?

"I told the receivers in our last meeting before we went on the field, that with this offense I don't know who is going to get the ball, and I really don't care. We're going to get it done so run your routes hard and play fast and physical and it all take care of itself. That's the way we play."

What are your thoughts on the great quarterbacking display tonight?

"They both played great, they both really did, but I think Matt probably outplayed him slightly. Their guy threw an interception, and our guy didn't. That one turnover was the difference in the games outcome."

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