Nate Allen Makes Game Changing Play vs Kansas

The USF-Kansas game was one for the ages, and with both quarterbacks putting on a show. It came down to one game changing play that led to the Bulls thrilling victory, a timely interception by USF safety Nate Allen. The Bulls playmaker talks in detail about the play, the game and coming out with a huge win. Only on

USF Safety Nate Allen

How hard was it facing a QB like Reesing ?

"He's a great player, and a play maker. He reminds me of Matt because he can scramble and he's slippery. He can get out of a lot of things and that's rough as a DB to cover all the great receivers running around. He's a great QB, they got great receivers and Kansas is a great team."

Was the Kansas offense the most difficult that you've faced?

"They got a great offense, and it's rough to try and shut them down. With Reesing and the artillery they have on offense, I'd like to see teams try and shut them down. They got a great offense period."

When the ball was in the air what was going through your mind?

"My Eyes lit up, and I was thinking Nate just please make this catch. Then I went up at the highest point and made a great play and just glad that I did."

Did you think you were going to score?

"That was the initial thought. I wasn't able to, but it was okay. I got close enough and Bonani made a great kick."

What so you think Reesing saw on the play?

"I don't know what he saw. I'm just glad that he threw it up, and I just went up and got it." ‘He's a great quarterback and I read somewhere that he had something like 200 passes without an interception last season, and we were hoping to come in a put a chink into that."

Which coverage were you in on the play? "We were in a cover three concept. I was rolling into the middle of the field and our other safety was rolling to the other third. It looked like he threw it to the number three receiver, but I didn't even see the three receiver. All I saw was the ball."

Talk about the change in coverage the defense made?

"We run a lot of cover two, but our linebackers, they were chasing the crossing routes and we saw that wasn't working because the receivers are pretty fast. So we shifted and let them come to us."

How about the play of Selvie and the D-line in forcing the throw?

"I lot of people are keying on Selvie, with a lot of double teams, but he's a big time player and he can fight through all that and make the play."

Did the offense and the crowd help you guys in the third quarter?

"Oh yeah, in the third the offense got going and the crowd got into it, and that helped the defense get into it. It helped us out a lot."

After winning the way you did the last two weeks what does that do for the team's mental state?

"It gives us confidence, but we rather not do this and just go and put teams away. When it comes down to it we got to dig, and that's one of the things we emphasize, and that's what we do and we were able to come out with wins."

How do you avoid what happened in the first and fourth quarter of the game?

"We just have to watch film and get ready every week. We can't have a first half like that. We were in zone, but we can't do that against teams down the road because we might end up losing." With teams now gunning for the Bulls, is this team better prepared than last season to deal with it?

"Yeah, because we got a lot of guys coming back and we were here last year, and got a taste of it. That hurt when we lost those three games last year, and it took the air out of us. We learned from that and know we can't do that this year."

What was it like to come back from that 20-3 deficit to win the game?

"There were so many emotions. We were down, and we just started digging. That's why we carry the shovel around. Everybody's got to dig. Against all adversity, we have to dig and find a way to come back. Great teams find a way, and that what we did."

How does this win compare to other big game victories for the Bulls?

"It felt great. It was like the Auburn and West Virginia games. It was a big time win, a Friday night game on prime time. It doesn't get much better than that."

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