Sabbath Joseph Bringing the Shovel Home

When the Bulls face FIU on Saturday, the game will be a homecoming for USF linebacker Sabbath Joseph. The Miami native talks about all his connections to FIU, being the caretaker of the shovel, and more. Only on

Sabbath Joseph

Being from Miami does this game have many connections for you?

"I got a lot of connections down there. A whole bunch of guys that I know, Guys like Cedric Mack, Michael Dominguez. A lot of guys I've played against in high school are on the team."

Has there been a lot of trashing talking or jibber jawing going on this week?

"The trash talking actually started this summer when we found out we were playing each other. It's been going all summer and into this week. I got a call the other day from my friend Gaitor who plays defensive back for them, and there was a lot of trash talk going back and forth.

After playing two very emotional games with UCF and Kansas what does this game mean to you?

"This game means a lot in the terms of instate rivalry. The last time we played them, they gave us a hell of a game, and they're going to bring their A-game and try and knock us off, but we're not going to have a letdown. We're coming to play."

After almost losing to FIU two years ago at home, what are your keys to not letting it happen again?

"We're not going to take them lightly, we know they're going to give us their all, and we're going to do the same. Don't turn ball over with a team like that, you don't want to give them any extra chances to creep up and beat you. Start off right, click on all cylinders and put them away early."

Going against so many guys that you know, is there anybody you'd like to get a hit on?

"I hope I get a chance to get my hands on all the guys I know. On special teams or on defense, I just can't wait. Junior Reese their running back, I played him twice in high school and got some good licks on and hope to get some this Saturday."

With the Panthers giving the Bulls a game last time has there been any bulletin board material?

"We've all been going back and forth on Face book and stuff, and I heard their coach had a t-shirt saying USF who?  That's pretty disrespectful, and it‘s been going around our locker room. So this game does have a little personal to it."

Does this game seem like a homecoming for you?

"I had about 20 tickets and it wasn't enough. I'm really looking forward to it because you know me. The first thing I'm doing is running out there in their new stadium with the shovel. It's going to feel like home, because that's where I'm from, that's my back yard."

I always see you or Mike Ford Carrying the shovel. Are you guys the caretakers?

"Really I always carry the shovel. I've been the care taker since last year after the Syracuse game. I'm the guy that always gets the defense hyped up and energized. This Saturday I'll run out there with the shovel, throw it in the dirt, and get everybody all pumped up."


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