Jenkins Didn't Miss the Big Win Over Kansas

Lakewood CB/QB and USF commit Jaquez Jenkins has been watching his future team very closely this season. Read on to find out what he thinks of the Bulls season, what other recruits he's trying to get on the Bulls bandwagon and when he'll be on the sidelines to see USF play in-person. Only on!

South Florida commit Jaquez Jenkins is off to a hot start in his senior year at Lakewood HS. The QB/CB/S is tearing it up at quarterback even though he'll be playing either safety or corner for the Bulls.

"I'm not sure of all my stats, I do know that I have 8 passing TDs so far and on defense I don't have many stats. I play defense sparingly and when I do come in they don't throw the ball to my side. I heard that the other coaches tell the QB not to throw at my side when I'm in there."

On defense Jenkins has been mixing it up, playing safety and corner. As a junior he put up impressive numbers, passing for over 700 yards, rusing for 400 yards and 300 yards receiving. The Bulls like that Jenkins is a rangy 6-foot-2 and has great cover skills from his experience at corner. Since committing back in June Jaquez has been one of the biggest Bulls fans in the Tampa Bay Area.

"I love USF, I'm here with Darien Skinner right now (Boca Ciega) and he was at the Kansas game – we were talking about what a great game it was. I've seen all their games this season."

"Last Friday I had my own game, but I was able to get home and watch the last few minutes. Then on Saturday me and my mom watched the whole thing on Catch 47."

On Thursday Jenkins said he was able to talk about the game with Coach Gregory during their weekly phone conversation.

"They're real excited about the season and they can't wait to get me over there to watch a game."

So far this season Jaquez hasn't been able to get over to Tampa to watch a game, but that will change in two weeks. Jenkins plans on making it to the Pittsburgh game and he tells USFNation he's trying to bring a few friends along with him.

"I'm going to bring Darien Skinner with me, also Julius Forte and I've been talking with Gerard Atkins as well about coming with us. We are all real good friends and talk all the time."

Jenkins likes where the Bulls are headed and has a bold prediction for the rest of the season.

"I feel nobody can stop USF except for USF themselves. Honestly that's how I feel. They played a good Kansas team and when they were down to them they showed a lot by coming back for the win. Not many teams in the country could have done that and fought like they did to win."

Since committing back in June, Jaquez says most teams have backed off, but there is one instate school that is still recruiting him.

"Florida is recruiting me lately. They've been emailing me and stuff, but I think it's too late. I'm set with the Bulls."

Jaquez will continue to follow the Bulls throughout the season and USFNation will catch-up with Jenkins and his buddy's at the next USF homegame.

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