McBurse Gets Offer, USF Now Leads

Last week told you that Al-Terek McBurse could get an offer soon, days later that's just what happen. Read on to learn more about the Winter Springs RB who is averaging nearly 200 yards/game this season.

Last week in the latest Recruiting Quick Hits, I wrote that Al-Tarek McBurse would likely earn a scholarship offer within a few weeks from South Florida, well on Wednesday that's just what happened. The Bulls offered the 5-foot-11, 185 pound running back from Winter Springs. McBurse was on-hand for the Bulls first annual SuperBull back in June and says the coaches have stayed in contact with since but now he has an offer in hand. He credits the recent offer to his on-field play this season.

"I'm having a great year." Said McBurse, "In 4 games I have 760 yards rushing and 9 touchdowns."

Besides USF Al-Terek also has offers from UCF, FIU, South Carolina, Cincinnati and Georgia Tech. The Bulls are the latest to offer and McBurse says he's been waiting for this one.

"I've liked USF for a while. Coach Simmonds came to a few of my games last year and I like USF. I like all the Florida schools because they are close to home and I would like to stay in state if it's the right situation."

Both the college season and the high school season is about a quarter of the way through and Al-Tarek says that has given him enough time to come up with a top 5.

"I would say my top 5 right now is USF definitely at the top, UCF I like cause they're close to home, I really like Georgia Tech and I've made a few visits there, Cincinnati and South Carolina. Those are my top schools right now. Also FIU, I attended the FIU/USF game this weekend and I had a lot of fun there."

With USF being at the top of his list, McBurse says its time to do some homework and find out more about the Bulls program.

"Now that they've offered I will start focusing more on the school itself. I was at the game this week and saw them play but the main reason I was there was because I had already scheduled the visit through FIU. But I got a chance to see how the Bulls use their running backs and I really like the way they alternate the backs and get a lot of fresh guys on the field."

The next time he sees South Florida play it will be on a Thursday night when USF takes on Pittsburgh on national TV.

"I'm going to that game with my dad. I don't know if I'll stay the whole because I got school the next day and a game, but it should be a lot of fun. That will be the first time I will see USF play at home."

One of the things Al-Terek needs to find out from USF is how the staff plans to use him. He's a game-changing running back, yet athletic enough to play a number of positions including cornerback. As a freshman Al-Terek played varsity football and started at cornerback before moving to the offensive backfield.

"Numerous schools have inquired about me playing defense, both Alabama and Georgia have asked about me playing defensive back. Early in my recruitment that's where most schools wanted me to play."

"I don't care where I play. I just love to get out on the field, I love the contact and I love the game."

For now Al-Terek is concentrating on his top 5 schools and working on setting up official visits. He already has two set up one with Georgia Tech in November and Cincinnati in October. He didn't plan on taking an official visit inside the state but with USF offering things may change.

"I think I might arrange an official with USF to start doing more in-depth research with the program. I want to sit and talk with the coaches about some things. I need to do a lot of research now that they've offered. I'm going to graduate in December so I need to do my homework to make sure I make the right decision."

As he said, McBurse will graduate in December. Right now he has a 2.5 core and a 1280 on his SAT. USFNation will talk with Al-Terek next week at the Pittsburgh/USF game in Tampa.

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