USF at FIU: Next Day Observations

The Bulls went into FIU a 4-touchdown favorite, but only came out with a 17-9 win. The game wasn't what fans expected, but they still came away with a win. There were plenty of lows and a few highs that we observed from the game. Only from

After a night to re-watch and digest the Bulls 17-9 win over FIU, a team that has lost 25 of 26 games, its safe to say I'm just happy they came out with a win and not a serious inury. The game wasn't what fans expected, and there was plenty of Bulls football that was less then desired, but there were also some good things to go with the bad in my observations.



·         Turnovers, turnovers. How many weeks do we have to watch the Bulls come out negative in the turnover margin? On the first drive Jamar Taylor showed nice hesitation and made a nice gain, but fumbled the ball away to kill the drive and set the tone.


·         Once again The Bulls came out looking flat against a team that was very pumped and ready to play. This was reminiscent to last year's game at FAU, and shows how Instate match-ups are killer, if you don't come ready to play.


·         Injuries- In game that was supposed to be over by halftime, with plenty of back-ups seeing action, losing Brouce Mompremiere and Selvie, and maybe McClain late in the third, is a huge blow to the defense.


·         Sloppy play all around, dropped passes, balls being put on the turf all over the place, and players not finishing, were all lowlights of the bulls lackluster play.


·         Uninspired play by the O-line, especially at the end when they needed to dominate to close the game out. Instead penalties and poor play led to a safety, and FIU's first offensive touchdown of the season.


·         After sterling play by the defense for 57 minutes, the Bulls allowed a late touchdown in the final minutes to allow a team to have a chance at the end.


·          Matt Grothe was held without a rushing or passing score, for the first time all season.



·         Up until 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the Bulls defense held FIU to 74 yards total offense.


·         Having Mike Ford back was huge and shows that Ford just knows how to score, and did it twice, It's nice seeing him and Williams back, but Ford doesn't look 100 percent.


·         On the 99 yard drive, Love made a beautiful catch on 3rd and 14 to keep the drive alive. Then Kelly shoed how special he could be, until he almost put the ball on the ground. Nice spin move by Plancher to get the first, but almost fumbled. Mike Ford does what he does best, score touchdowns!

·         Kelly's a beast, and had 18 yards on two carries, but also almost lost a fumble, and never had another carry.


·         Jamar Taylor Has skills and even though he fumbled should be getting 20 carries a game right now.


·         Great to see Ben Williams turn a catch into a big gain


·         Jarriett Buie, had a lot of penetration on the day, and it may seem like he's unable to finish plays, but it was his pressure that led to the pick by Murphy on the first play ran after Brouce's injury.. 


·         With the Bulls going mostly in nickel, Kion Wilson made the most of his time especially in the 4th, when he made two great plays to submarine the run before FIU scored.


·         Chris Robinson got some meaningful minutes at DE, caused disruption and broke up some plays.


·         Danny Verpaele used his speed to stop that receiver short of the end zone and forced FIU to run time off the clock before scoring



·         Player sightings, Cory Grissom made his USF debut as a defensive tackle in the third quarter. got considerable snaps in the second half.


·         Sophomore Trent Pupello pulled in a 14-yard reception, the first of his career.


·         Dontavia Bogan earned his first career start for USF.


·         Freshman DT Keith McCaskill recorded his first-career pass breakup when he batted a pass from FIU QB Wayne Younger in the fourth quarter.

This is the kind of game that will sting for a bit, but by the end of the season it will just be remembered simply as a win.

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