My five thoughts, for what they're worth:

We're a quarter a way through the current USF football season, and there have been plenty of positives and negatives through the four games played. With that in mind there are five burning thoughts as the Bulls beging their second quarter of play. Only on

Five thoughts to ponder

Why do the Bulls seem to play down to their competition? In two games against instate teams, the Bulls have played lackluster ball and allowed theses spunky Florida teams to hang around until the very end. If USF really wants to be taken seriously, then it has to start playing like it, and put away teams like UCF, FIU, and any other team that's trying to make a name for its self. For a team with very high expectations, they didn't play like it. Conservative play calling and bad execution isn't a good recipe for a team that is carrying the banner for the entire Big East conference. They have to realize that sometimes style points do matter.

This Bulls defense is very good, most of the time. Wally Burnham's defense has played dominating football for most of the time they've been on the field. They completely shut down FIU for three quarters of play, but allowed another big play in the fourth quarter to give their opponents hope. The Bulls did the same with 4 minutes to go at UCF, and after having a 14-point lead against Kansas, allowed the Jayhawks to tie the game in the fourth as well. This team is so close to being utterly dominating, but they can't have lapses in play, in the beginning, middle, or the end of a game. The good thing is the defense is still a work in progress, and I don't think we've seen their best game yet.

How will the Bulls replace the injured LB Brouce Mompremier? The good news is that Mompremier, who was hospitalized after a collision with a teammate during the Bulls 17-9 win at FIU, is going to be okay, but will miss at least two games. The question now is who will replace him at strong side backer. The leading candidates would be Sabbath Joseph who had a great off-season and entered the preseason as a starter. There's Chris Robinson, who has seen time at LB and as a pass rush specialist, and is currently listed as starter on the depth chart. Kion Wilson, who mostly plays Mike, has played on the outside as well. After that the Bulls have LeDre Watkins listed as a top back-up. This will be closely monitored all week.

Who will carry the rock for the Bulls? Having Mike Ford back was huge and shows that Ford just knows how to score, and did it twice, It's nice seeing him and Williams back, but Ford doesn't look 100 percent and it clearly shows. It was great to see Ben Williams back and had a nice catch but has been extremely limited. Kelly's looked like a beast and had 18 yards on two carries, but also almost lost a fumble, and never had another carry. Jamar Taylor has shown he has great ball skills and should be the USF featured back right now. The problem is that all the backs have put the ball on the ground, and then lost carries. They need to feed the backs and let them get into a rhythm, and until Ford and Williams are healthy, the others should be getting the carries.

The Bulls have to have a short memory. We're a quarter a way through the season, and there have been plenty of positives and negatives through the four games played. Bulls fans have very high expectations, maybe more then we should, but anyway you dice it up, the Bulls are 4-0, and are a top ranked team. The Bulls have to put these 4 games behind them, chalk it up as a leaning lesson, and gear up for the second quarter of play. Everybody will be gunning for them, and they need to play like they belong at the top. From the beginning of a game until the entire sixty minutes is up, and the fat lady has sung.

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