Winter Springs RB Talks About USF/Pitt Game

After recently receiving an offer from the Bulls, Al-Terek McBurse decided to make a trip to Tampa to see USF take on Pitt. USFNation caught up with him after the game to get his reaction and find out where the Bulls stand after seeing them play in-person. Read on for the rest of the story.

USFNation: What did you think of the South Florida / Pittsburgh game on Thursday?

Al-Terek McBurse: Oh I thought it was a good game. I was surprised by the outcome but it was a good game. I liked how the crowd was into it, it was really exciting.

Before the game, I noticed you were the only recruit that went out onto the field with the team, what was that about?

When we first got to the game, we were in the recruit room and a girl who works for USF told me that as soon as I check in I was supposed to go straight to the field and talk to Coach Franks. I talked to him before the game and they said they really like me a lot and want me to be apart of their class this year. I was surprised they wanted me out on the field. As soon as I got their they pulled me out there, I didn't get to eat or anything! Coach Leavitt also told me to come in the locker room after the game. But with the loss we decided not to because we weren't sure how they would be feeling and all that.

Earlier in the week you said you weren't sure if you'd stay for the whole game, did you stay till the end?

The game was so exciting it was too hard to get up and leave.

One of the reason's you wanted to go to the game is because USF recently offered you and wanted to learn more about the program, did you gain any insight?

Yeah I got a chance to see the atmosphere and see their offense in person. The way the game went they didn't run the ball a lot, but I did get a chance to see the gameday atmosphere and what it's all about. I also got to see my teammate they signed last year while I was down on the field, Justin Brockhaus-Khan.

Where does USF stand after seeing them play in person?

They are still my leader. I really like them, now it's just a matter of learning more about the school. I'm probably going to use one of my official visits to take a tour of campus and see the academics. I also want to sit down with the coaches one-on-one and get a feel for how they plan to use me and how I fit into their scheme. That's what it will come down to.

Besides USF who else is in the running?

I still like UCF, I played football with their Offensive Coordinators son for three years, he just graduated last year. The thing is they're really not recruiting me as a runningback, they also like me as defensive back and I'd prefer runningback as my first option. I like Georgia Tech a whole lot, I'll take a visit there this fall. I'm also still getting offers coming in, Wake Forest called my coach today (Monday) and told him they were going to offer as soon as I give them a call. I also picked up an offer from Kansas about two weeks ago.

What's your timetable for making a decision?

Well, I'm graduating in December so I'm probably looking to decide the first week in December. That will give me time to take a few visits. Right now I'm working on setting a few up, but offers keep coming in and its making things a little more complicated.

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