Hill Excited About Opportunity With Bulls

Last week Scout.com reported that Pensacola defensive tackle Anthony Hill who committed to FSU back in February will now be attending USF this January. The former 3-star tackle rated the nation's No. 37 DT is excited about his future at with the Bulls and talked with USFNation, which we present for you in his words.

By now Bulls fans should know that Anthony Hill, a 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle that signed with FSU in February, said he will now enroll at USF in January. Hill was a 3-star prospect out of Pensacola HS and rated the nation's No. 37 defensive tackle by scout.com and talked to USFNation about his new school choice.   

How do you feel about your decision to switch schools?

"I feel good about my decision to switch to USF and am very excited. I feel that any where I go, I'm going to work hard and try my best to make an impact."

What were the main reasons why you wanted to make a switch?

"It was really a communication thing, and I wasn't getting that feeling that I was really wanted or a big factor. I want to go somewhere that I'm surrounded by people who want me to be there, and not just some person. I feel like I'll be important to the team."

Why did you decide to switch to south Florida?

"Even though I was committed to FSU, South Florida stayed in regular contact with me, and the way they pursued me even though I was committed really showed they had a strong desire for me to be there. and that meant a lot to me."

What other schools were you deciding on when you opened things back up?

"Early in my recruitment I really didn't give a lot of schools an opportunity, because I committed right after signing day. And when I decided to open things back up, I jumped right to USF because I felt they were my best opportunity."

What are the things that attracted you to USF?

"I've always had interest in South Florida, and they showed a lot of interest in me. They're an up and coming program, that has been very successful for the most part and I like that. Since they've joined the Big East they've always been in the conference title hunt and have been highly ranked the last few years. I also like how the way the team rallies around Coach Leavitt, and my best friend Terrell McClain goes there and that's a big."    

Have you and Terrell kept it regular contact?

"The last few months we talked on and off about every three weeks, but the last few weeks or so, we talked every other day, and he would tell me all about the program."

How did your relationship with Terrell affect your choice?

"He's my best friend and plays on their defensive line. We're both very excited about the opportunity to play next to each other again, because we played together all through high school, and did well together. I think we made each other better and that's a strong positive for me." 

What positions are you talking about playing for the Bulls?

"They're talking about defensive tackle. I've always played the 3-technique because I'm a taller guy, and I think I'll come in and do the same or anywhere on the D-line."

How is your relationship with Coach Leavitt ?

"I talk to coach Leavitt regularly. We have a great relationship and really click. He's a great coach and really seems like he cares. When we talk he would talk about things outside of football like my education, making sure I was staying up with my school work and things like that.  I think he will help me not only athletically, but academically and to be a better man."

Do you know much about your future USF teammates?

"The team really seems like they got a real tight family atmosphere and that's what I'm looking for in a program. I don't think you can be very successful unless you have that bond. You play not only for yourself but for your teammates. It's like a big family and that makes it a lot easier when you have that relationship with everybody. Those are the qualities I was looking for in a team."

What have you been doing over the past year to stay in shape?

"I'm up to 6'4 285 pounds, and I've been working out a lot and I've gotten a lot stronger over the past year. I'm in the gym every day and I've also been running a lot. I know you got to be able to run down there, so I've been working on that."

When do you think you'll make it down to USF for a visit?

"I'm Not sure yet. I just spoke to coach Leavitt the other night and he wants me to come down soon, but I know the staff has been very busy and don't want to interfere with their schedule. I'll get down there, but nothing is set in stone yet as to when."  

How do you view making the switch to be a Bull?

"This is like a fresh start for me, and I'm very excited for my opportunity with the Bulls, and know if I work hard that I can make an impact. I think this a great choice for me"  

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