USF Players: Over Pitt & Focused on Syracuse

See what the USF football players have to say about getting past the Pitt loss, the teams attitude, and the homeoming match-up against Syracuse. Quotes from Tyrone McKenzie, Matt Grothe, & more. Only on

LB Tyrone McKenzie

On getting past the Pitt loss:

 "Pitt is behind us. We're a little bitter, and have a bad taste in our mouth from that last game, but whatever happened, happened and we can't change it, and now we're focused on Syracuse."

On what practice been like this week:

"We want to win the conference and right now were behind the 8-ball. This week Coach Burnham has been hard on us, and this past week we've had one heck of a practice. We all realize what we got to do."

On playing a homecoming game:

"Homecoming is great and all, but this is bigger than that. It's a conference game, there's a lot at stake, and we want to come back from the loss and have a great game."


WR Jessie Hester Jr.

On the team's attitude:

"It's really been the same it's always been. The coaches are doing a real good job of keeping us focused. We're a little in the hole with the Pitt Loss, but we still got to take it one game at a time and go out and execute. "

On the teams focus:

"Everybody's been working hard and we're going to try our best. Whatever play is called. We got to be patient, get open and make our catches. Our focus hasn't changed. It's always been to win the Big East, and that's what we focus on. Just win one game at a time."

On the difference this year from last year's first loss:

"It feels the same to me, a loss is a loss, and it hurts. We can't worry about last year, and just got to put it behind us and I think that's what everybody has done."

QB Matt Grothe

On getting past the Pitt loss:

"We put it in the past. It is over. We know that we control our own destiny. We just have to play one game at a time. If we can win out then we have a chance to really put ourselves in a good situation."

If the bye week helped or hurt:

"It helped a lot. I know a lot of the defensive guys were banged up. It gave us a chance to go over some stuff that we are going to see throughout the rest of the year. I think it came at a good time. Hopefully we can learn from the loss."

DE Jarriett Buie:

On the team's attitude compared to last year's first loss:

"I'd say it's a whole lot better than last year.  After the loss the bye week gave us time to think about what happened and what we have to do to get right. Everybody was ready to get back to practice after the bye week, and we got some fresh guys back. Last year we had to jump right back into it."


TE Cedric Hill

On what practice been like this week, and the team's attitude:

"We had a real good practices and everybody came out with a great mindset. Pitt is behind us and we're starting over. We're going into this game and we still got a chance to win the Big East, and that's been our goal since the beginning of the season, and that's still what we're going after."

"I think the rest helped us get our thoughts together and everybody go into the mindset of we know what we got to do, and that's go out, be physical and play South Florida football."

"We're ready and with the last homecoming for the seniors, there's going to be a lot of energy."

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