Carlton Williams "We needed a wake-up call"

Bulls senior safety Carlton Williams talks with USFN about the state of the Bulls. Read on and get Carlton's thoughts on the long layoff, the teams attitude before the homeoming match-up against Syracuse, and more. Only on

S Carlton Williams

What's your mental attitude been like with a long layover between games?

"Antsy, I think the hardest thing to do is come of a loss and go into a bye week, but at the same time I think it's been beneficial for us because we still have that last game we played in the back of our minds. It was a rude awakening and something we use as motivation."

After the layoff, does the team have more fire in its eyes?

"Oh yeah, especially after a week off, we've been going hard since two-a-days, and that was our first break. It gave us a chance to get a little rest, get your legs back, and get your focus back."

 "We had a lot of key guys banged up, myself included. That's the beauty of the bye week, everybody gets to get healthy, get mental rest and let the injuries heal. I think you may see a different team with a lot more emotion, and I'm looking forward to it."

How has the loss affected the teams mental attitude?

"It's the same. I look at it as you have to be humble in this day and age as we start becoming successful. As much as hate to lose, I think we had to get where we need to be. We can't be lackluster, emotionless, and just going through the motions. We have to play on a high level all the time. Especially from here on out, because there is only conference games left."  

Does the team look extra motivated since you've been back at practice?

"Oh yeah, It was rude awaking for us and I know everybody on this team despises losing, and I think we kind of needed it to wake us up, and put little more pep in our step. I said before that I honestly think we'll see a different Bulls team Saturday and will back it up by saying we will be a different team. So be ready!"

How important is a homecoming win for you as a senior?

"It's a very important game for us in the Big East race. We lost our homecoming game last year, and I've been thinking about that. As a senior, you don't want to lose your homecoming game. That's when everybody comes to see you play. But more importantly is getting back to 1-1 in the Big East race. That's all that really matters."

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