Giddins Narrows It To 3

This weekend local blue-chip prospect Ryne Giddins took a break from his busy schedule to watch USF take on Syracuse. After the game USFNation caught up with the #12 DE in the country to get his thoughts on the game, his season and Ryne gave us his top 3! Find out if the Bulls make the cut.

USFNation: What did you think of the USF/Syracuse game?

Ryne Giddins: The game was good, we came out here with our (Armwood) D-line to watch the game and we all had a really good time.

Were you focused on former Armwood defensive lineman, Jarriett Buie?

We were watching Buie a lot. I also focused in on what George Selvie was doing when he was in on passing downs. I wanted to see how the defensive ends played differently on rushing downs and passing downs. I also watched the way the corners and safety's shoot in on the ball.

Your season is going well, Armwood is undefeated, how are you playing?

I'm playing all right, but I have to constantly try and raise my level of play. I feel like I'm too relaxed right now and I can't have my body shutdown like that. I need the competition to come so I hope they bring it the rest of the year.

Do you ever get tips throughout the year by the college coaches that are recruiting you?

They do if I come out and ask them. I'll ask Coach Blake at North Carolina and Coach Patrick at South Florida for some help here and there.

Its been about a month since our last conversation, what's new in recruiting?

Not much, things have really calmed down a lot. I have my top 3 schools, they are North Carolina, USF and Florida. Those are the three I'm looking at right now, but FSU and LSU could possibly hop back in it.

You've been to a couple USF games this year, have you been to any others?

I took an official visit to UNC already this year and now I need to set one up with South Florida and UF. Possibly also with LSU and FSU, I'm going to think about those a little longer and speak with their coaches again.

So when will you make your final decision?

My final decision will come at the All-American bowl on national TV.

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