Are the Bulls Still in it for Scruggs?

After a three game losing streak the big question is, how will it affect recruiting? In this interview USFNation talks with the #1 WR target on the Bulls board, Lamar Scruggs. Read on for the details.

The Bulls recent three game slide has put to rest any thought of winning the Big East and wiped out the idea of a successful season. The question now is, has the damage been bad enough to hurt the 2009 recruiting class? USFNation caught up with South Florida's top wide receiver target, Lamar Scruggs to see where the Bulls stand.

"I think (South Florida) is a real good program. They run a spread-option, throw the ball a lot and it's close to home. I like it. They only took one WR last year, so the depth chart looks good."

"Coach Canales and Coach Douglas are doing a real good job calling me, we talk once a week. They've been staying on top of things, letting me know what's going on with the program and things like that."

The Bulls aren't the only team that would like to add the 6-foot-4 playmaker to their roster, there are several schools in a battle for Scruggs.

"The teams that are on me the hardest right now are South Carolina, South Florida, LSU, Florida, Tennessee, Clemson and Illinois."

Scruggs had a tough decision to make recently when he narrowed his offer list of 40 down to a top 5.

"My top 5 is South Carolina, Tennessee, South Florida, Illinois and Florida."

It's October and Lamar hasn't taken a visit yet because he says he's trying to stay focused on his teams season. He says that after the year is over he'll schedule visits with all the teams in his top 5.

"My season is going good, we're 8-0 and have two games left and then the playoffs. I don't know my stats or anything, I think I have 7 or 8 touchdowns, I'm focused on making the playoffs right now."

Across the nation spots are filling fast with early commits for the 2009 class, is Scruggs feeling any pressure to get the visits out of the way and commit early?

"That's been the surprising part of this whole (process). When I told all the coaches that are on my list that I wanted to wait till signing day they all said it wouldn't be a problem. USF told me they'd have a spot saved for me and so did all the others."

There's a long way to go in the recruitment of Lamar Scruggs and USFNation will keep you informed all the way up to signing day.

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