USFNation Game Grades: USF vs. Rutgers

The downward spiral continued as the Bulls suffered their worst loss of the season to Rutgers Saturday. Now see how we graded each position from USF's loss to the Scarlett Knights. Only on

After a memorable performance like Saturday, it's difficult to give out fair unit grades. So before I do I want to give out individual grades to players who stood out for the right reasons.

Carlton Williams (A) -- I got a lot of respect for you brother. This season you've brought your lunch box to work every week and busted your behind. I'm glad you are a USF Bull and I wish I felt the same way about some of your teammates.

Louis Gachette (B+) -- For 45 games Gachette watched the starting defense run out on the field while he stood and watched, waiting for his name to be called. In game 46 Gachette was part of that starting defense and led the team in tackles.

Benjamin Williams (B) -- Every year the fans at USF have always tried to find Williams' replacement. He's not the biggest or the fastest, but I doubt this program has ever had a tougher, harder-working football player pound-for-pound than Williams. It's a shame that you were never utilized properly.

Matt Grothe (C-) -- Tough game kid. Wasn't one of his brightest moments and I know he's embarassed by Saturday's result. But so much is asked of Grothe because he's a leader. 94% percent of the offense? In mid-November? As a leader I fully expect Grothe to play in pain and try to finish this thing strong. I hope the rest of the team decides to follow.

Now for the rest of the bums.

QUARTERBACKS (D) -- We mentioned Grothe's game. He didn't play well but he never gave up. I would have rather seen Daniels than Gregory at this point.

RUNNING BACKS (INC) -- Hard to grade a unit that fails to be utilized because the offensive coordinator is overmatched. So I won't grade them. I've already said what I wanted to about Benjamin Williams.

WIDE RECIEVERS (C) -- Jessie Hester obviously celebrated Glades Central's Muck Bowl victory on the field with a career high in catches and yards I believe. The rest of the unit did what they could as a lot was asked of them when the deficit started climbing.

OFFENSIVE LINE (C-) -- Not good at all, but I don't put the blame totally on them. This is not necessarily the best alignment for the offense that is being run (due to injuries and other circumstances). This team should be running the ball under center until the health of the unit improves. Most offensive coordinators would know that.

DEFENSIVE LINE (D) -- This group decided not to show up this week because there's no way they just get manhandled like that if they did. Even in losses, I felt like the defensive line always accounted for themselves well. Not Saturday.

LINEBACKERS (C-) -- Lots of tackles but no big plays at all. No tackles for losses, no big hits. Nothing.

SECONDARY (D) -- How come every team in the Big East has gotten their biggest play of the season against USF? In this case it was the second longest play in the program's history. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG RUTGERS HAS BEEN PLAYING COLLEGE FOOTBALL??!!?!?! (Hint: They were in the first game).

SPECIAL TEAMS (D) -- One of the most consistent part of the Bulls -- their kicking game -- faltered. Just another part of a disasterous Saturday.

If you are a coach on USF's staff and your last name isn't Leavitt, Canales, Franks or Burnham, you might want to brush up your resume. Any fan who came out Saturday and will come back out this Sunday should be applauded.

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