Jenkins Talks About Season Ending Injury

Jaquez Jenkins season came to an end Friday night when he tore his PCL ligament. He talks with about the injury, surgery, rehab and when he expects to be back on the field.

With the news of Jaquez Jenkins torn PCL I decided to call a good friend who is the trainer for the University of Oklahoma football team. He game me a rundown of what the injury is all about:

What does a torn PCL mean?

"The PCL is the ligament behind the ACL. I seriously doubt it's the only thing he hurt. Its very rare to only tear a PCL. The ligament is behind the knee at an angle, it usually happens with hyperextension and a turning motion at the same time. Its not nearly as bad as an ACL tear."

What is the timetable to comeback from a torn PCL?

"It's a 6 month deal if it is completely torn. It also depends on the way they do the surgery. I still doubt its only a PCL, that would be rare. He probably has slight damage to the meniscus, the ACL or the MCL depending on the mechanism (the way his knee turned during the injury)."

How does the rehab go?

"Rehab is the same as an ACL. The main factor is where they get the ligament from to repair the PCL. Usually after three month the graft (the repaired ligament) is healed and then it takes 3 months to get back to full strength. If they get the ligament from his hamstring tendon there could be some problems in the future with his hamstring or if they take the patella tendon it could lead to tendonitis. Or if they take it from a dead body, you have to worry about rejection. That being said, It's a relatively easy injury to comeback from and he should be able to go full-contact by summer practice."

On Wednesday night Jaquez spoke about his injury:

"I'm not even looking at the injury as a set-back, it's just something I'll aggressively rehab and then keep moving."

"My surgery is this Monday. They said there is slight damage to my LCL, but it will fix its self with rest."

"My family is very supportive, they tell me to keep my head up. But even though they say that I already know everything will be okay and I'm motivated to get back on the field. I'm getting a lot of help from my family around the house and taking me to see the doctors."

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