JUCO Teammates Set Official Visit With Bulls

The USF coaching staff will start their official visits in two weeks and the first weekend will be the biggest of the year. USFNation has already reported on 5 big-name recruits that will be attending that weekend, now there are two more to add to the list. Read on for the details.

The weekend of December 12th was already a BIG weekend for USF, now things are going to be even bigger, literally. Jason-Pierre Paul, 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds will join another JUCO standout Carlos Savala on South Florida's first weekend for official visits. Pierre-Paul is a 5-star JUCO defensive tackle who is finishing up his final season with Fort Scott this weekend in the North Star bowl.

Originally from Deerfield Beach, Pierre Paul will finish this season with over 10 sacks and interest from nearly every school in the country including Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma State, South Florida, Nebraska, Kansas State, Arizona, LSU and Florida State to name a few. When it comes to recruiting, Jason usually doesn't have much to say, but with his season coming to an end and after taking a few visits (Arizona and Nebraska), he is turning his focus to the future. Jason says he has one visit scheduled and another in the works.

"I'm going to take another visit. I have one scheduled with the Bulls on December 12th. I don't know too much about USF, that's why I want to take the visit. I'm going to see how it compares to my other visits.

After the USF visit Pierre-Paul will have taken 3 total official visits and he says a 4th is possible and that would be to Georgia. "My visit to Arizona was alright. I don't have a leader right now, I'm looking at USF, Georgia, Florida and Kansas State."

Although Jason took visits to both Arizona and Nebraska, he doesn't think those are the schools for him.

"I can't see myself playing at Nebraska. Its just not for me. The way they use their D-tackles and the style of defense they play isn't for me."

Next up for Pierre-Paul is his visit to Tampa in a few weeks. He doesn't know much about the campus or city, but he has been in contact with the USF staff for months.

"I talk with all the USF coaches, but I probably talk to Coach Kevin Patrick the most. He's a real cool guy, I like him and Coach Leavitt a lot. I'd say USF is recruiting me the hardest right now."

Jason Pierre-Paul has a teammate at Fort Scott from the Tampa Bay area that is being recruited by USF, Jaquian Williams, LB 6-foot-4 230 pounds. Pierre-Paul says that he and Williams will be taking their official visit together to USF on the 12th.

"We haven't really talked about going to USF as teammates, it might happen, but I know he wants to play back at home and I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm from Deerfield Beach and he's from that area (Tampa) so I guess he plans on playing at USF, I think he'll end up there. It will be cool to have him on that visit with me, we went to Nebraska together too."

If the Bulls can round-out their '09 class with both Williams and Pierre-Paul, they will have put together a stellar overall class and certainly one of the best defensive classes in their history. Look for an update with LB Jaquian Williams soon, USFNation will also contact Pierre-Paul and Williams a few days before his trip to confirm.

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