Bulls Impress JUCO Offensive Guard

One of the recruits USF hosted this weekend was JUCO OG Jamar Bass. The 6-foot-4, 280 pound big man talks with USFNation about his visit to Tampa, what he needs to see before making a decision and the one thing he didn't like about Saturday's banquet. Only on USFNaiton.com!

"My visit went pretty good." Said Hutchison Guard Jamar Bass, "My favorite part of the trip was hanging out with my host Sampson Genus. We hungout, went to some parties and saw what it would be like to live in Tampa."

One of the treats for the visiting recruits was Saturday night's banquet honoring the 2008 South Florida football team. Bass and others were on-hand for all the festivities.

"I liked how they honored the seniors, everything went well. I liked the video where the seniors talked about each other."

Bass did take issue with one aspect of the banquet.

"The banquet was good, except for the food part. I didn't get enough." Another big part of the weekend is when each recruit meets with head coach Jim Leavitt for a one-on-one talk. Since Bass left at 7:30am, he had his talk with Leavitt on Saturday.

"We talked about me playing at USF, and how they hope to bring in a couple key JUCO guys to make the team better. He talked about me and Jason Pierre-Paul and how we can help."

"We also talked about my upcoming trip to Illinois and I told him I just want to go check it out and see how it is up there. I told him South Florida is on top."

Bass plans on visiting Illinois and then it won't be long till he's ready to make a decision.

"I'm going to take my visit next weekend, come home and talk it over with the family, then I'll be ready to make a decision."

Half of Jamar's family would like him to come home, while the other half says the choice is up to him.

"Some of them want me to come home and some of them think I might be too distracted."

After hanging out with the team and meeting with the coaches Jamar feels USF would be a good fit for him.

"USF is a program I fit into. I sat and watched game film of when USF played NC State. Coach Simmonds showed me their blocking schemes and they run a very similar offense that we do at Hutchison, except they throw a little more.

The USF staff is recruiting Jamar Bass at Left Guard or Left Tackle. USFNation will talk again with Jamar next week after his visit to Illinois and see if he's ready to announce his decision.

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