JUCO LB Close to Decision After Visit

Fort Scott LB Jacquian Williams took his official visit to South Florida this weekend and the Bulls came out as his leader. Find out what he has to say about his conversation with Coach Leavitt, why he enjoyed the banquet and what Jason Pierre-Paul had to say to him about the trip to Tampa. Get it only on USFNation.com!

"I liked my visit, I liked being back home, I liked it all." Said JUCO LB Jacquian Williams.

While on his visit Williams was hosted by the charismatic senior linebacker Tyrone McKenzie.

"Tyrone is a funny guy, we had a good time. I had a long week with a bowl game and exams so I came to Tampa to just relax. We didn't go out, but we talked a lot about South Florida, how the coaches are, how the linebacker coaches are and things like that."

On Saturday night Williams was on-hand for the annual banquet honoring the 2008 team.

"The banquet was probably my favorite part of the trip. It was real nice and I really enjoyed it, especially when they honored the seniors. That was pretty cool."

Besides hanging out with Tyrone McKenzie, Williams made a connection with another senior, Jarriett Buie.

"Buie was a good person to talk to, my situation is a lot like his. He's from Tampa and the same area I'm from. It was easy to talk to him and ask him questions."

Williams says the players were helpful in answering his questions, but the person he really wanted to sit and talk with was Coach Jim Leavitt. He got his chance on Sunday morning just before leaving to go home.

"Oh man, it was a good conversation. I like that he didn't pressure me, a lot of coaches will try to get a commitment, but Coach Leavitt was laid back, there was no pressure. My biggest question was about being away from home and coming back and if it would be a distraction for me. But he told me about a lot of good players that have transferred back or that have wanted to transfer back to the Tampa area."

"Coach Leavitt was pretty funny too. He kept reminding me how skinny I was back in high school, he said, ‘I remember when you were just a little skinny dude, and I still wanted you back then!' Me and my mom were laughing at that."

Williams has been on two visits besides the one he took this weekend, he went to Nebraska and Oklahoma State.

"This visit was different, both my other visits were good, but this visit was a little bit of a challenge for me. I've always seen Tampa as a big city and a place to live. I never looked at it as a place to go to school. I was shocked how nice the campus was and stuff, I'd definitely say South Florida is up there after this visit (laughing)."

Accompanying Jacquian on his visit was teammate Jason Pierre-Paul.

"It was fun having him with me because I had to show him Tampa is better than West Palm Beach (Pierre-Paul's hometown). I think he had a good time. He went out partying Saturday night and I stayed in. He came in the room during the middle of the night saying he likes Tampa. We had a little conversation about it and then I went back to sleep!"

Williams told USFNation this is his final visit and a decision could come within the next week. Jacquian told Coach Leavitt he would let him know of his decision as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated as soon as we hear the news.

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