Visit puts USF in Top 2 for Barrington

Terry Parker LB Sam Barrigton took his official visit to South Florida this weekend and the 3-star prospect came away very impressed. Find out what he has to say about his conversations with T-Mac, Coach Leavitt, and his thoughts about the trip to Tampa. Get it only on!

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 "South Florida is a real comfortable place and everybody was like family," said Barrington. "I got to know all the coaches and the players and I see that it's an opportunity to go there and make something of myself."

While on his official visit to USF, the Terry Parker linebacker was hosted by Bulls WR Dontavia Bogan.

"We got along well," said Barrington. "But most of the time I was with a couple of the Jacksonville guys. Alonzo McQueen a LB from Lee, Jason Sherman from First Coast, and I got along well with Charlton Sinclair from Mandarin."

Being a Jacksonville native himself, Sam was familiar with the Bulls that hail from his area, and that made the weekend that much better.

"I knew Sinclair because his dad used to coach me in 9th grade. I knew of Alonzo and I knew Kion Wilson from Raines. We all had a real good time together at the banquet, we went out a few nights, and I got that family vibe also."

On Saturday night attended the USF annual football banquet that paid tribute to the 2008 Bulls

"The banquet was nice and it let me get an inside look at the closeness of the program. The one thing I realize about USF is that it's an undiscovered beauty. A Lot of people don't really know about South Florida, and it's going to be something to love down the road. Coach Leavitt is doing great things."

Besides hanging out with Bulls linebackers Sabbath Joseph, Alonzo McQueen, and Kion Wilson, Barrington also got a chance to meet senior LB  Brouce Mompremier and spent extra time with Tyrone McKenzie.  

"I didn't talk that much to Brouce Mompremier, but me and T-Mac had a 20-minute talk about expectations of playing college ball and the hard work and commitment it takes. We talked about high school days, the keys to leadership, and it was kind of a big brother little brother thing even though we didn't know each other. A lot of people say we have similar characteristics."

Throughout the weekend Sam also spent a lot of time talking with Coach Burnham and the different coaches at USF.

 "I think I talked with all of the coaches while I was there. We really got to know each other better. The one thing I liked about all their coaches was they sold the program, but they didn't come at me hard with it. Most of it wasn't even about football, but was about the type of people I'll be around and what I'll gain. They all told me that wherever I go they were happy to get to know me as a person."

Barrington also got a chance to sit and talk with was Coach Jim Leavitt on Sunday morning just before leaving to go home.

"I've talking to coach Leavitt in the past but was the first time we got real involved. We had a great talk about everything, football, school, and Family.  I'm glad we got on that same page. He's a great guy. Coach Leavitt even told me that one thing to think about when I choose a school is if I would go there if I was a regular student, and that's something to think about."

Barrington has been to USF's SuperBull camp at Raymond James, but this was his first time seeing the campus.

"It's a real lively campus and it reminds me of Jacksonville.  I'm glad I had a nice visit, because I didn't know it was going to be that nice, and I really liked it."

While touring the campus, Sam got to see the dorms, the academic side of USF and also got a chance to see the facilities while the team was using them.

"They're nice, and if you compare the weight room with say Illinois, it's not as big or maybe as nice, but that's not what it's about," said Barrington. "I noticed that when the USF players get in there, they get after it, and they get work done. That's what's important."

Sam also got a chance to see the Bulls interactive video record board that allows current players to compare their performance against their teammates and former USF all-time greats, and how the players use it to motivate.

"That was neat. They showed us some of the weight room statistics of what I guy was when he came in and where they are at now. One of their lineman gained 85 pounds and he's a freshman. All you do is hit the linebacker button and it shows everything, and that was nice."

With a weekend full of activities what was Sam's favorite part?

"My highlight from the whole weekend was getting to see the guys practice on Saturday. I got to see the guys run around and work out, but my favorite part was watching the board drills. Watching the DB's, linebackers and lineman going one on one was great to watch."

With over 20 offers and already visiting Purdue, Illinois and USF, does any school standout over the others?

"I like Illinois and I like South Florida. Neither is on top of the other. Those are my two favorites right now."

Before his visit Sam said he knew about the school, but did say he got to learn a few things about the team that he didn't know before the weekend.

"I didn't know that they been to four straight bowl games. It's hard for me to keep up with a lot of college football, so I didn't know how well they have done. I learned that it's a great place and it's an opportunity that I should think real hard about."

With a seemingly great weekend meeting the coaches, players and getting to see what the campus was like, how does he rate his weekend visit?  

"Overall I give it a 10, because I can't think of one thing I did not like."

He's already visited Purdue and Illinois, where does his USF visit rank among the others?

"It was overall a better visit then Purdue, and the thing with Illinois is it was cold and I'm a Florida boy. The players and everything at Illinois was nice, but it wasn't as good of a visit because of the weather."

Sam says a decision won't come until he's taking all his visits and has Clemson on Jan 9th, but his last visit is up in the air.

"I got two more and I don't know how sure I am with the Florida visit. Since Coach Mullen left I haven't heard much from them, so I'm trying to open up that visit for another school just so I can be sure about what I'm doing."

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