JUCO WR Can't Wait to Put on the Pads

Edgard Theliar committed to USF back in October and took his official visit last weekend. See what he has to say about the trip, talking with Coach Leavitt and his take on where some of the other recruits who were on the visit will go. Get informed, only on USFNation.com!

For some recruits an official visit is used to get a first-look at a program, or it's used to get a feel for the campus and city, some use it as a free vacation. In the case of Edgard Theliar, his trip was used to get to know his soon-to-be family at South Florida.

"Oh it went great!" Said the JUCO WR who plays for Butler in Kansas.

"I already knew I was going to have fun. I wanted to come see practice, the weight room and how they do things down here. I got to see everything from the classrooms to the locker rooms. It was great."

The former Manatee High School graduate was hosted by a familiar face – his old teammate A.J. Love.

"It was like old times from growing up together in Bradenton. We always had fun growing up whether we were teammates or when we were on rival teams in pop warner. I knew coming in he was going to be my host, anytime you put two receivers together you know it's going to be a good time!"

Back in October Edgard gave his commitment to Bulls coach Mike Canales and ever since then he's been eagerly awaiting this visit. Even though he was familiar with the players and staff he felt there was more to learn.

"I wanted to learn about the academics. I sat down and talked to a lot of people, I toured the campus and went in the classrooms. I found out I am on pace to graduate in 5 semesters and the advisors got me real excited about what I can do after college, I found out a lot about the education at USF. I liked it so much, it was just icing on the cake!"

Besides seeing the academics, Theliar says there was one highlight that stands out as his favorite part of the trip.

"Oh, going to practice, that was definitely the best part. In the beginning they were stretching and doing all that, then all of a sudden they yelled ‘go to the boards!' They have these things called Board Drills where the positions face off against each other. It was so much fun, everyone was going wild, I asked Coach where my helmet and pads were because I was ready!"

Edgard also got to spend time with some of the other recruits who were visiting USF, but had not yet made up their minds on what school they will attend.

"I hungout a lot with Jamar Bass, the lineman from Hutchison and of course Carlos (Savala) my old teammate at College of the Desert. Carlos was my roommate on the trip, we talked about old times the whole trip. I also showed him the campus and he was amazed at how big it was."

"Carlos and I did a lot of talking and I'd say he's going to be here (USF) when its all over. He said he'll know in another month. I think I'll have my old teammate back."

"I also talked to Sam Barrington the high school linebacker from Jacksonville. He was thinking about USF hard. He said its going to be between USF and Illinois. I told him that being from Florida you don't want to be in the cold. A bunch of us were telling him about the cold, he'll take a visit there soon and he'll find out."

Before leaving Edgard had a chance to sit down and talk with his future Head Coach Jim Leavitt.

"Coach Leavitt was real straight up with me. We talked about getting on campus, learning the plays and remembering why I'm at USF. He said I wasn't brought in to sit the bench because that would waste my time and his time. He wants me to come in and make an impact. I like hearing all that!"

Edgard Theliar is on pace to graduate in May and enroll at USF in June.

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