USF Visit Set the Standard for Savala

Last weekend the South Florida staff hosted one of their top prospects, Carlos Savala. He talked to about his first official visit of the year, what the Cali native thought of Tampa, his conversation with Coach Leavitt and much more! Read on for the details.

Carlos Savala has been at or near the top of the USFNation Hot 20 for months and last weekend the USF coaching staff rolled out the red carpet for one of their most prized prospects. Savala made his much anticipated cross-country visit to South Florida, it was his first official visit of the year and by all accounts the 6-foot-7, 305 pound offensive tackle had an eye opening experience.

"I thought the visit was great." Said Savala.

"Man, it was awesome. I know it's the first place I've visited, but this will set the standard for all the other schools I visit."

As soon as Carlos touched down in Tampa he was re-united with former College of the Desert teammate Edgard Theliar. Edgard committed to the Bulls in October and has let it be known that he would love to reunite with Savala.

"It was cool that they had me room with Edgard. It was good to see him again. He didn't put any pressure on me, he just told me Tampa is a real cool place. He was a good person to have along on the trip."

Since Carlos had never seen USF it was important for him to get a feel for what life would be like as a student-athlete at South Florida.

"I wanted to take the tour. That was my favorite part." Adding, "I wanted to see the things that I would experience on a daily basis like the training room, the weight room, campus, the stadium, stuff like that."

"Raymond James was really nice. I had never been in a stadium that big. They took us all around, the locker, way up in the stands and down on the field."

On Saturday night all the recruits were on-hand for USF's end of the year banquet honoring the 2008 Bulls.

"I really enjoyed the banquet, they did a good job honoring the seniors."

While on the trip Savala had a chance to meet some of the other recruits the Bulls are courting.

"I spent time with Jamar Bass. He plays on the inside, we hungout at practice on Saturday and talked about what it would be like playing for USF."

One of the pluses of making a Bowl Game is the ability to expose recruits to what a practice at South Florida was like, for Carlos, watching USF was unlike any other practice he had seen.

"It was a lot more organized than I thought a practice could get. They were really into and that's what I like. I like to practice and I like to be around guys that are as into it as I am."

On Sunday, just before departing, Carlos had a sit down meeting with the man himself, Jim Leavitt.

"I was honest with Coach Leavitt, I basically told him I really liked USF, but I wanted to take a few more visits. USF was my first visit and I didn't want to commit to them and then go around taking more visits. He was cool with that and told me that he thought I fit at USF."

Carlos will schedule two, possibly three visits to Hawaii, Kansas and maybe Louisville. All three schools have expressed interest in bringing him on campus after the New Year. Savala says he'll take those visits and then use a few days to make a final decision. USFNation will keep in-touch with Savala, look for more updates as Signing Day approaches.

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