Sterling Griffin Closing in on a Decision

The Bulls need to lock down a couple quality WR's this year and next weekend Miami Pace WR Sterling Griffin will be in Tampa. Find out what the chances are of him pulling the trigger while on the visit. Get informed, only on!

Bulls fans should be very familiar with the name Sterling Griffin, USFNation has been talking with him since he received his first offer back in March. The Bulls extended the 6-foot, 165 pound wideout an offer during the spring of his junior year.

"Things have progressed a lot since USF first offered me, but I'm excited to come check things out for my official visit. I've been up there a couple times, getting up there on my official will be really cool. I'll get a chance to have the players show me around, see how I'll fit in and talk with all the coaches."

In September Sterling took his first official visit, which was to Purdue, he has USF on the 9th and is working on scheduling Ole Miss and Oklahoma State later this month. USF is his only in-state visit, something that could affect his overall decision.

"Knowing the climate, how it feels to play in the heat, I'm more familiar with playing in Florida then anywhere else. I'm used to it."

What are the chances for a commitment to South Florida while on the visit next weekend?

"It could happen. I mean, if I feel like I fit in, it's the right place and my hearts in it, then why not?"

Sterling will be accompanied by his mother and father on the trip to Tampa. He'll also be with teammate Kayvon Webster who committed to UM earlier this year, but Griffin says his teammate is open to all options.

"He's still open. The commitment is there, but he's an open-minded kid. If he has a change of heart – he has a change of heart, ya know."

We'll have more with the Miami Pace teammates next Sunday after their visit.

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