Miami Pace WR Makes Most of Visit

This weekend the USF staff brought in a trio of prospects from Miami Pace, in this interview talks to Derrick Hopkins about his experience, what the trio thought of the visit and much more! Read on for the details.

Derrick Hopkins, WR from Miami Pace came to South Florida with teammates Kayvon Webster and Sterling Griffin. Hopkins is a dynamic returner and slot receiver, he's only 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds and even though he doesn't have an offer from USF the staff still wanted to bring him in for an official visit.

"I really enjoyed my weekend. I got to meet all the players and coaches and see how I'd fit in at South Florida. I really had a great visit."

Did Hopkins get the offer he was looking for?

"I probably won't know about that until the end of this week or early next week. They told me they're trying to see where they stand and they need me to give them a little time to make a decision. I feel grateful that they are making an effort to get me a scholarship and I just have to wait and see what happens."

Hopkins host for the weekend was cornerback Tyson Butler, the two got a long great and had an exciting weekend.

"Tyson is a real cool kid. He took me around and we had a great time. I hungout with most of the team, me and Sterling were out with all the guys all the time. We had fun bonding with the team."

Not always do three teammates attend an official visit together, Hopkins says that was one of the highlights of his trip.

"It was great being with Sterling and Kayvon. We got to experience it all together. They enjoyed it as well, no body committed but we're going to go home and talk it over."

Is there a chance all three could become Bulls by signing day?

"There's a chance. We will all make the best decision for ourselves, if that's the way things work out it'd be great."

Next weekend Derrick will be making a trip to Kansas State and then Auburn the following week. USFNation will check back with Derrick Hopkins in a week and see if the Bulls extended an offer.

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