DeDe Latimore: "USF visit was spectacular!"

DeDe Lattimore took his official visit to South Florida this weekend and the 3-star prospect came away very impressed. Find out what The No. 17-ranked linebacker prospect in the nation has to say about his trip to Tampa, and where the Bulls stand. Stay informed with!

 "Oh man it was spectacular!" said DeDe Lattimore from Cedar Shoals HS in Athens, GA.  "The campus and facilities were really nice, and I really enjoyed myself down there."

DeDe Lattimore (6'1-225), the 17th ranked SLB in the nation, and one of the top linebackers on the Bulls board, flew  for his first official visit to Tampa and was impressed before he even got off the plane.

 "Just the view on the plane ride when I arrived was something else. Seeing Tampa and the whole Florida area was really nice and beautiful."

 "The campus was wonderful, and it looks like it's basically brand new with a fresh smear of paint. The facilities and the stadium were beautiful"

"The players and the coaches that I met were great, and it basically seemed like a really nice place."

DeDe was hosted by Patrick Hampton who also played HS ball in Georgia.

"He's actually from about 45 minutes from me. My team played them right before I came but he got to play against my brother, so that was cool."

The 3-star linebacker got to talk with his position coach Defensive Coordinator Wally Burnham, watch some film, went over schemes, and discussed his future with the Bulls.

"We got a long well. He talked about how physical I am, and said that I look ready to play right now," said DeDe. "He also asked me about what position I like and I told him it doesn't matter which, as long as it's linebacker."

"I think I fit in their linebackers system," said DeDe. "I walked around a saw couple of plaques on the walls of linebackers, and I think, I mean I know that I can compete with the rest of them. Basically I think I could go there."

Lattimore said he got to see a lot of cool places in Tampa, nice restaurants, and ate a lot of great food, and also had a good meeting with Bulls head coach Jim Leavitt.

"My one on one with coach went very well. We talked about a lot of things and covered a lot of bases. He's talking about coming up here for a home visit next week."

After a great weekend full of activities and things to do, DeDe said one thing rally stood out to him while on his visit.

"I think hanging with the players was the highlight of the whole experience. Getting to know them was great. It was like we we're already friends before I even get there. They drew me in a little bit"

"I learned a lot of stuff from the players and the coaches," said DeDe. "I didn't know how young of a team they were. They're basically a team on the rise, and that's what I liked about them."

Another thing that the Georgia native couldn't get over was the beautiful Florida weather this time of the year.

"The weather felt so nice down there compared to the 49 degrees here. It must have been like 79, because I was kind of sweating, and when I got home I was freezing. When I came back home, I was like oh my, I got to get back to Tampa."

Could weather play a big factor on where DeDe chooses to play college ball? "Yes sir I do think the weather could."

Was the visit enough to get a commitment from the 3-star LB?

"I'm definitely high on USF, that's no lie. I really liked what I seen down there. So basically they're in the top right now, and I really like them."

The Bulls visit was the first official for Lattimore and he said he's still trying to set up visits.

"I'm supposed to be setting up a visit with Auburn and probably Kentucky and Louisville.  I'll definitely make a decision after I take my visits."

Stay tuned with, as we keep you updated on DeDe Lattimore's visit schedule through signing day.

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