Is USF Still in the Mix with Barrington?

Recently there have been rumors that, one of the top linebackers on the board Sam Barrington was quoted as saying the Bulls were no longer in the race. USFNation talked with the highly touted linebacker from Terry Parker HS to get the latest and see if the Bulls are still in the mix?

Sam Barrington


What's on tap for you over the next month?

"I'm visiting Miami on the 23rd, and most likely my decision will be made after that."


Is it still down to USF, Illinois, & Miami, or have any schools dropped off your radar?

"No sir, I can still call it those three schools right now."


What about the rumors that South Florida is out of it and it's down to UM and Illinois?

"No sir that's not true.  I think the reporter misunderstood me, and that actually caused me some trouble, because somebody called me thinking they were out, but South Florida is definitely in the mix."


Do any of those schools have an edge right now?

"I can't honestly say, but what I can say is that I'm a little bit more interested in Miami right now over the other two schools, but I think that's definitely because I haven't taken a visit yet, and I'm excited to see what Miami holds."


Since you're a Florida boy, do you want to stay in state?

"I would love to state instate, and when I think of Florida sunshine, I don't want to leave it, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices. I know after college I'm coming back to Florida for a fact. So I'm not going to discriminate by saying I want to stay in Florida and cross off Illinois that be foolish of me."


What stands out to you about Miami?

"I think Miami is going to be one of the top five teams in the next 2 or 3 years. They have a lot of talent and in my opinion, have one of the best signing classes this year and last year. It's also a private school with good education and Coral Gables is a wonderful place."


What stands out to you about Illinois?

"Coach Dish is a great person, and I love to get the chance to work with Coach Zook. There an upcoming team with young guys, Juice Williams, Jason Ford, & Alfred Jenkins who I played with, they're difference makers. I also think they will be on top of the Big 10 and I feel I can get up there and play."


What stands out to you about South Florida?

"I feel they are on the rise and are one of those dig in programs, and I don't feel that Coach Leavitt is going anywhere.  Sometimes when coaches leave and new coaches come in, it puts a hold on the growth process. if I get there and a team that's coming up and coming up, then nothing is going to stop that if the head coach is still there keeping it rolling. USF is in a wonderful city Tampa, and it may not carry the same caliber education as the others, but it's a great school, a new school with a nice campus, and the vibe I got from the players, coaches, and the students while at South Florida was incredible. "


Do any of the schools defensive schemes stand out over the others?

"The one that stands out is South Florida. The scheme that they play is most similar to the NFL out of the three, and that' good because if one day I can play in NFL, I'll be scheme ready. That's because Coach Burnham is a great coach. He's forgotten about more football than most people ever knew about, and that's a good thing in a coach. They see me as physical enough to play the first two downs on the line but enough speed to play in the nickel package on third down. I feel like I can get good reps and a good rotation."


Do you look at depth charts and are they of any concern to you?

"Of course I looked at the depth charts.  Now Miami brought in a lot of guys last year, and that's one of the things that may keep me from choosing them. I'm not afraid of competition, but sometimes you have to be smart. With Illinois there's a good chance I can get up there work hard and play early. At South Florida they're hurting at linebacker real bad, and they don't have the talent they need. Losing Tyrone McKenzie and Brouce Mompremier is big, and they just don't have guys like Ben Moffitt, Stephen Nicholas, & Kawika Mitchell there anymore. That's one thing that really stands out about South Florida. I feel like I could go work with Coach Burnham, get better and play early."


What are you looking for on your visit that could sway you for or against Miami?

‘If I feel confident enough that I could come in and make something happen. I know all schools need guys that can run down on special teams, but I don't want to be doing that all my four years in college. If I feel confident enough that I won't be doing that, then maybe I will choose Miami, but I don't know for certain right now."


When will you make your decision?

"I won't make my announcement until February 3rd when I have an announcement party. More than likely after that visit I'll know where I'm going, but will probably keep it on schedule"


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