Q&A With 5-Star Jason Pierre-Paul

6'5, 280 pound DE Jason Pierre-Paul, talks about his missed visit to Kansas State, whether or not FSU is in the picture, who his leader is and when he plans to announce his decision. Get this inside scoop, only on USFNation.com!

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Are you going to take any more official visits?

Yeah, I'm going to take two. Next weekend to Florida State and one more after that, I'm not sure where though.

Who are you considering for the last visit?

Probably Kansas State.

Why didn't you visit there this weekend?

It was never set. We never had it scheduled.

What's the deal with Florida State, are they back on you?

Man, I don't know. They said they sent me some letters, I never received them. Now they are asking me to send them some film. I guess they think I don't know how to play football. They've already seen my film though, they know how I play.

Do you feel like you have a committable offer to Florida State?

I really don't know. I can't really say. I don't know what they're thinking with wanting to see more film. I'm a good football player and whoever has seen my film is going to like me. They say they still want to see some game film and it will go from there.

Is your visit set for FSU next weekend or are you still working on it?

It's still being worked on.

You visited Nebraska, are they still in the picture?

Yeah they're still in the picture.

Who is your leader right now?

I'd say it's USF at this point. They're on me the hardest. I feel like I can go there and play, I'm not afraid of competition or anything, I love competition, but I want to go to the place I feel like I can go and play right away. Plus it would be cool playing next to George Selvie, you know?

Out of all the teams recruiting you, who do you have the best relationship with?

Kevin Patrick (USF). He keeps it real, that's all.

When will you announce your decision?

The week before signing day, or maybe a few days before signing day, like that Monday probably.

What are your friends and family telling you to do?

My sister says to come back home. My mom and dad don't care where I go.

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