Gerard Atkins "The visit just felt like home"

Dixie Hollin's tight end Gerard Atkins committed to the Bulls back in July, and this weekend the Pinellas County All-Star TE came in for an official visit to Tampa. Read on for all the details, only on

Dixie Hollins tightend/WR Gerard Atkins is one of three Pinellas County recruits the Bulls have received early commits from, and this weekend took his official visit to Tampa to see the hometown Bulls.

"It was real good. We got shown around the campus, met with our college advisors, ate at a lot of fancy places and got to hang out with all the players and other recruits. It was a real good time."

Gerard was hosted by Andreas Shields, and roomed with DT Kyrhi Thornton of Panama Bay & Hargrave Military.

"I didn't know Shields or Kyrhi, but both were real cool guys to hang out with."

During the weekend, Akins also got to meet and spend a time with all the other recruits that were in for the weekend.

"I hung out a lot with the St. Pete boys, Juarez Wynn, Adaris Bellamy, & Jaquez Jenkins," said Atkins. "I also spent a lot of time with the Georgia LB, Tyrone Williams, & Ricardo Dixon. I liked them both a lot. Meeting everybody was real good, and there was a lot of chemistry."

The four Pinellas prospect along with Julius Forte all played in the County All-Star game together, and playing together has been mention more than once.

"We all know each other and have played against each other on different teams, and always said how cool it would be if we played on the same team, and now we are. But it was real cool hanging with them outside the football field."

Besides touring the facilities and seeing Raymond James Stadium, Gerard got a chance to talk with all the coaches and had his one on one with Coach Leavitt.

"It was a real good conversation and real positive," said Atkins. "He told me things I needed to hear and what he expected out of me. We also talked about Dixie Hollins HS, and he said it was the best school in the universe."

During the meeting Coach Leavitt also told Gerard about Coach Gregory, which caught Gerard off guard at first.

"At first I didn't know what to think, because he's the one that introduced me to USF as my recruiter. Now I realize this is college, and we may not have all the same coaches for 4 years. Things happen and you have to deal with it. They told me Coach C, may be the offensive coordinator. I like him a lot, and I also like Coach Scott a lot too."

Atkins (6'5-215) said now he will concentrate on working out, getting stronger, bigger, and getting in the best shape possible. Saying his target weight is 230 by the time he gets on campus, and got a jump on it this weekend.

"I've never eaten so much good food. We ate at that restaurant by the Vinoy (The Columbia) and that was some of the best food I've eaten in my life."

Gerard has been to USF many times and knew almost everything about the program but got to learn one important detail.

"I didn't really know the players or how I'd mix with them, and that's what I got the most out of the visit, getting to know everybody. This is where I'm going to spend the next 4-5 years of my life, and you have to be able to coexist with those people. I can live with them, bond with them, and feel like their family already."

"My favorite part was just hanging out with the players, and all recruits. It just felt like home and everything just fit. I don't know, it was perfect."

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