Catching up with USF Commit Ryne Giddins

With signing day right around the corner, USFN caught up with USF commit Ryne Giddins. In this exclusive interview, see what the 4-star All-American has to say! Only on!

Now that it's been a few weeks since you committed to USF, how do you feel about your choice?

"I feel great, and am honored to be able to play for The Bulls. I'm  rock solid in my choice, and get excited just thinking about it."


Since you committed, have many teams still been pursuing you ?

"No not as much, but I don't answer my phone, so I don't make it easy. The other day USC stopped by. They tried to get me to take a visit, but I told them no thanks, I'm solid with my decision. It's not the school that gets you to the NFL, it's you." 


Now that the process is almost over to you feel a bit of relief?

 "Yeah, a lot of stress came off my shoulders after making my decision. I‘m glad it's winding down, and am ready to take it to the next level."


How do you feel about being named a Parade All-American?
"I feel real proud, and I want to thank God for making it possible," said Giddins. "I also want to thank my coaches, players and everybody who voted for me. It feels real good."

How did you found out that you were selected to the team?
"I didn't know I was voted to the team until you called me. I was surprised and excited."


Who was the first person that you told?

" I told my mom and my family. They thought it was wonderful."

How do you feel about being the Bulls first Parade All-American?
"I feel honored, I really do. I'm proud to be going to USF, and I'm proud to have the opportunity to be the Bulls first All-American. It really means a lot. It's a special honor for me, and being the Bulls first, makes it that much more special. Hopefully it'll be the first of many."


Talk about the reasons why you chose to play for the Bulls?
"Basically I just felt a lot of love there. I really did, I felt that way from the very beginning. When I first got around the team and the players, it really felt like home. I've been to the campus and practice so many times. That I felt very comfortable with the players, the coaches, everything. There was nothing about them that I didn't like."


How much of a factor did your relationship with the coaching staff have on you?
"That was a very big factor for me. I have a great relationship with Coach Kevin Patrick, we talk all the time and he's a great guy. I also have a good relationship with Coach Leavitt, Coach Douglas and the entire coaching staff. They all played a big role for me. I can't say enough about Coach Leavitt. He's a great coach and truly cares about his players. When I told him, Coach was so excited and couldn't stop smiling. I don't think I've seen someone smile so much."


How does your family feel about everything?

"My mom's is real happy that I'll be playing for USF and I'm close. She just wanted what's best for me and she knows I'll be taken care of at USF."


What about people at school, what do they say?

"Lot of people thought I should've picked UF or USC, but it's not the school that puts you in the NFL. That's totally up to you, and how you perform on the field. Also in their short time USF has been putting guys into the show, and have a couple of guys this year that should go


Do you talk regularly with any of the other USF commits?

"I talk with a few. I talk with Lindsay Lamar some, and talk with Julius Forte a lot."


I understand both you and Julius were at USF together last week, are you guys close?

"Yeah JuJu is my boy. We talked some before we committed, but since then, we talk a lot, and have gotten pretty tight."


Do you guys talk about the future as Bulls?

"Oh yeah, [Laughing] we talk about a lot of things, but we do talk about coming in together and what it's going to be like. We have high expectations and we're both real excited about the future and think we'll be a great team together."


Do you guys talk about playing with two-time All-American George Selvie?
"We talked about it, and feel great about it. George is a great player and person, and we look forward to learn from him."


What are you doing now that the season is over?

‘I'm just training, working out, running and going to school."


Speaking of school, how are your grades coming along?

"They're doing great. I've been getting A's & B's, and my GPA is looking good. I'm going to take the test again just to make sure, but I'll be fine."

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