Top LB in FL, Sam Barrington Says Go Bulls!

The USF staff got great news on the eve of national signing day when 3-star prospect Sam Barrington, the No. 18 ranked MLB in the nation made the annoucemant that he chose USF over Miami and Illinois!

Tuesday the USF coaching staff got the news they've been waiting for. One of the top prospects on the board, linebacker Sam Barrington of Terry Parker HS has decided to play his college ball at USF.

"For the next four years of my life I'll be continuing my education at the University of South Florida."

Sam Barrington was one of the most recruited linebackers in Florida this year and collected over 20 scholarships this recruiting season, but recently narrowed his choices down to three -- Miami, South Florida, and Illinois. After taking official visits in 2008 to see all three Barrington announced his decision at a club Tuesday night and said he was going to be a Bull!

"I chose South Florida because it feels right for me, my family, and I feel that I will succeed."

Barrington, (6'3-210) is a full academic qualifier and had 109 tackles, 1,188 yards rushing, and 17 touchdowns, and over the past two seasons, has had over 100 tackles on defense and over 1,000 yards rushing in each of the past two seasons. Barrington earned all-state, and played in the state all-star game a couple weeks ago, and was the top LB on the board.

"After choosing South Florida I won't have any regrets. I feel good about my decision, and I feel good about my decision and look forward towards the future."

This is another huge recruiting coup for the USF staff. After going head to head with the big boys for Ryne Giddins, the staff has just had an all out battle with the ‘U' and came out on top. With signing day just hours away the staff looks to put the finishing touches on the best class in the programs history.

Here are a few comments from Sam:

What stood out to you about South Florida?
"I feel they are on the rise and are one of those dig in programs, and I don't feel that Coach Leavitt is going anywhere. Sometimes when coaches leave and new coaches come in, it puts a hold on the growth process. if I get there and a team that's coming up and coming up, then nothing is going to stop that if the head coach is still there keeping it rolling. USF is in a wonderful city Tampa, and it may not carry the same caliber education as the others, but it's a great school, a new school with a nice campus, and the vibe I got from the players, coaches, and the students while at South Florida was incredible."

On the schools defensive schemes:
"The one that stands out is South Florida. The scheme that they play is most similar to the NFL out of the three, and that' good because if one day I can play in NFL, I'll be scheme ready. That's because Coach Burnham is a great coach. He's forgotten about more football than most people ever knew about, and that's a good thing in a coach. They see me as physical enough to play the first two downs on the line but enough speed to play in the nickel package on third down. I feel like I can get good reps and a good rotation."

On depth charts:
"Of course I looked at the depth charts. At South Florida they're hurting at linebacker real bad, and they don't have the talent they need. Losing Tyrone McKenzie and Brouce Mompremier is big, and they just don't have guys like Ben Moffitt, Stephen Nicholas, & Kawika Mitchell there anymore. That's one thing that really stands out about South Florida. I feel like I could go work with Coach Burnham, get better and play early."

On his visit to USF:
"South Florida is a real comfortable place and everybody was like family. I got to know all the coaches and the players and I see that it's an opportunity to go there and make something of myself. I got an inside look at the closeness of the program. The one thing I realize about USF is that it's an undiscovered beauty. A Lot of people don't really know about South Florida, and it's going to be something to love down the road. Coach Leavitt is doing great things.

On the USF coaches:
The one thing I liked about all their coaches was they sold the program, but they didn't come at me hard with it. Most of it wasn't even about football, but was about the type of people I'll be around and what I'll gain. Coach Leavitt even told me that one thing to think about when I choose a school is if I would go there if I was a regular student, and that was something to think about."

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