Jaquez Jenkins Talks about his Rehab

Jaquez Jenkins season came to an early end last season when he inured his knee and had to have surgery. He talks with USFNation.com about the injury, surgery, rehab and when he expects to be back on the field. Stay informed with USFNation.com

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How is your rehab going?

"It's going pretty good. I just finished my first session last week and have my second session tomorrow."


What was your exact injury that you had, and when did you have the surgery?

"I tore my left ACL & my LCL, and had the surgery on November 24th."


After you had the injury did the USF coaches contact you?

"They called me when it happened and told me to keep my head up and stuff. When I was in the hospital, Coach Leavitt called me and said he still had a scholarship for me and keep my head up. Afterwards the whole coaching staff sent me ‘get well' letters. I talk to them now about every other week."


How was it for you mentally to deal with the injury?

"It wasn't normal for me I can say that. I never expected this to happen. I know it happens to people, but never thought it happen to me. Mentally I'm very strong in the mind so I can deal with problems. I t like challenges, and I like to see how my body and myself responds to this challenge."


When did you start rehabbing the knee after surgery?

"I actually started in December. The first six weeks was my first session. I think I started on the 20th."


What is your daily rehab schedule?

"When I first started it was just stretching and stuff. Now I go in and ride the bike, I do wall squats, lunges, and use the total gym which is like squats with weight, and a lot of stretching, and towards the end work on my hamstrings and quads."


Is the rehab the same every day?

"No sir, they add stuff on every other day. It was only an hour a day, but now it's up to two hours a day of rehab."


Is the Rehab more intense now that you're going for two hours?

"It's very intense now. I'm working up a sweat every time, and I'm just working very hard to get back in shape. So you know it's intense. "


What is the time table for your recovery?

"I should be done my rehab by May, and they expect a full recovery."


When did they say you can start running again?

"They said I can start running in the pool, but didn't give me a timetable for when I can start running regularly yet. I lightly jog at school, but that's about it."


Do you think you'll retain your speed, agility and dexterity?

"Actually they say I'll be able to run faster and be faster when I get back. I've talked to several athletes who had the same thing, and they said they came back faster, and jump higher. So that should be good."


 Now that the surgery is over and your 6-weeks into rehab, how does your knee feel?

"Actually it feels pretty good and sometimes it feels normal. The only thing is when I'm walking a lot or running around doing stuff and then sit own, my knee will stiffen up a little bit. Other than that it's good."


Now that you're in the second phase what happens next?

"I don't know what is going to happen next, but I know it will be even more intense. The last session was more about flexibility, and the next will be more about strengthening my knee. I think every six weeks it changes."


How was your signing day experience last week?

"It was probably one of the best days of my life. It felt good to see that all my hard work pays off. To see my family so happy and all that good stuff was great. It was really a good day for me.  I'm excited about the future, and think all of us our very excited."

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