Post Signing Day Q&A with Jamar Bass

Read this exclusive interview with USF class of '09 OL Jamar Bass. Find all about the 6'4-285 pound lineman that can run a 4.69 40, what he likes to do to lineman, and much more. Stay informed with

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How do you feel now that it's set that you're going to USF?

"I feel pretty good. They got a good program growing down there, and got some good things going for themselves."


When did you know you were switching to USF?

"I knew when I didn't get accepted to Illinois in the spring. As soon as I got back to Hutchinson I called the USF coaches."


What do you have to do to finish at Hutchinson?

"I'm just taking extra credit classes. I'm just going to get my exams so I can get my AA from here. I'll be done in May."


What made you pick Illinois back in December?

"I guess the conference, it was a little bigger."


Was a tough choice between USF and Illinois?

"Yeah it kind of was. But I'm happy with how it turned out and where I'm going now."


What were some of the things you like about USF?

"I liked the surroundings and the players there. Also the coaches, I know the head coach and the o-line coach pretty well and had a relationship with them. Coach Simmonds and my high school coach knew each other and I've been talking to him since last spring. I also talked with Coach Leavitt, he's seems like a pretty good guy. I talk to them all the time and just talked to them yesterday."


Do you know any USF players?

"I know Marvin Peoples; he went to the same high school as me. I hung out with some players when I was on my visit and they were all pretty cool, but I don't really know them."


What positions is the staff talking to you about?

"Left tackle the most and maybe left guard. I've played more left tackle then guard. They're talking to me about starting and I'll play either."


What's you height, weight and 40 time?

"I'm 6'4, 285 pounds, and run a 4.69"


Can you run that regularly, and how do you do it?

"I've always been fast. I have good strength and I work out hard and getting my legs to be explosive."


How are your weight room numbers?

"I bench 385, squat 610, and hand clean 340 pounds, and have a 28 inch vertical."


What's your best type of play on offense?

"I'd say run blocking is what I'm best at."


Do you have a favorite play?

"I'd probably say running the counter, the power, or iso."


What's your favorite thing to do to a defensive lineman?

"Put them on their backs."


Do you have a favorite move?

"I have a lot of moves I moves, and sometimes I grab them by the throat."


Do have a favorite defense you like to go up against?

"Probably the 4-3, I feel comfortable going against that."


What's your most memorable moment on the football field?

"When we played against Fort Scott the second time they had one of the best teams, and we beat them."


Do you pay attention to rankings and how do you think you were rated?

"Yeah I looked at them. I think they have me underrated. I'm better than what they gave me. It gives me something to prove."


How do you feel about being a part of USF's top 25 signing class?

"I feel good and excited. We're going to do something down there."


How many years of eligibility to you have left?

I have two years left. I used my redshirt as a freshman."


What are you going to do to stay in shape until you get to campus?

"Just run and work out. I just got my conditioning book from USF and started on it. It's a little different."


Are you looking forward to the next stage?

"Yes I'm real excited, and looking forward to it."


What do you want to accomplish once you get to USF?

"I want to win a Big East championship and get my degree."

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