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The staff did very well in the Miami area last year and is hoping to do the same in 2009. Find out about Jose Jose, a massive OL prospect who has been a starter on Booker T. Washington since his sophomore year. Stay informed with USFNation.com

The Miami area is loaded with talent once again and a name Bulls fans need to know is Jose Jose, a massive OL prospect who has been a starter on Booker T. Washington since his sophomore year.

"Everything is going great, I just finished playing basketball, and I'm training for track and getting ready for spring ball."

Many Bulls fans may remember Jose from last spring's Big Man Camp at USF. He was one of the biggest guys at the camp, and at 6'1, 350 pounds, used his size to maul smaller players and push around almost everybody at the camp. Since then Jose says that has changed.

"Last summer I was probably weighing 250-255, but I trained real hard and I was able to lose some weight to 330, and it helped with my endurance. I actually feel quicker and stronger, I was benching 315, and now I'm putting up 385 pounds."

Last season, Jose's primary position was guard, and earned First Team All-State for 4A and first team All County by the Miami Herald, but also played three games at center, two games at tackle, and played defensive tackle on third downs. And interest has picked up in the Miami big man.

"I've gotten offers from Tennessee, Florida, Miami, South Florida, West Virginia, Georgia, Rutgers, and a few others. I'm supposed to be getting offers from Florida State and Note Dame. Most are recruiting me at center, but some are talking nose guard too."

Many schools have been looking at Jose for some time and with plenty of interest building the Booker T. lineman has several schools that are sticking out.

"I don't really have a favorite, I like Tennessee a lot, but if I had to pick a top three, I'd probably say Tennessee, Florida, and South Florida."

The Bulls were one of the first to offer Jose during the summer and that stands out to the massive prospect.

"I got offered by West Virginia and USF verbally offered me at the big man camp on the same day. South Florida has been on me for a long time, I really like the coaching staff there and think it's a great place to be at."

Jose got to meet several USF coaches at the camp, and Head coach Jim Leavitt visited Jose at his school about a month ago, but Coach Larry Scott is who is his main recruiter, and sends him letters every other week is making the biggest impact on him.

"He's a very down to earth guy and seems like he's firm and strict, but also likes to have fun. I feel like he's just a real cool guy to be around. Coach Scott is one of the main reasons why South Florida is one of my top schools"

The staff started coming by when Jose was a freshmen. The staff didn't really recruit him, but were interested, liked his potential, and kept contact with him ever since.

"South Florida is one of the top schools recruiting me period," said Jose. "They been on me since they were recruiting my teammate Brandon Harris my freshmen year."

Jose has played multiple positions, and will play center this year, but said the Bulls haven't really locked in on a position of where he will play yet.

"Coach told me I have an opportunity to play early at center, guard or tackle. USF made me feel very comfortable and gave me three options of where I could play. I can play anywhere but OT, I'm a little short for that."

This will be Jose's first year playing primarily at center, but knows what he wants to accomplish on the field next season.

"I'll be playing center and want to get 100 pancakes and maybe 10 sacks on defense."

Jose said he's looking for somewhere that fits him, is a good program, will help him in the weight room, and help get him to the NFL. He also said that just because he's from south Florida doesn't mean he's automatically a Miami kid.

"I try to break from that. I was a Miami kid, but after looking into some other schools, I see they have the same things to offer, and sometimes a little bit more."

Jose hasn't been able to attended any junior days but plans on going to South Florida this spring and going to Florida for the Orange and Blue game. In the meantime is preparing for his first track meet.

"My first track meet is on Friday and I'm competing in shot put. My longest throw is 51 and I'm hoping that gets me to State."

Jose claims a 2.96 GPA and will take his placement test in March and is planning to graduate in December, so an early decision would be likely.

"I want to have my solid top three by November and would like to make my decision by early December."

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