USF Winter Conditioning: Lifter of the Week 6

During winter condtioniong, the strength staff votes a lifter of the week for the player who had the best overall effort and up to three honorable mentions. Read on to see what players had the best week in the weight room. Only on

At the end of each week the staff votes a lifter of the week for the player, who had the best overall effort, and he gets 10 points, and up to three honorable mentions that will get 5 points each to go along with being recognized for their achievements.


Essentially how the athletes earn Lifter of the Week is based on the total amount of points they earn points for the week.  They earn points by having good workouts, doing extra lifts, and winning competitions.  When there are ties the staff votes on who they think deserves the honor the most.  They try to stay consistent in how they award the honor as to prevent bias. 

They are graded daily on lifting intensity, attitude, leadership, motivation, etc.  The athletes can earn a point or subtract a point based on performance within each of these parameters.  If an athlete misses a required session it is minus 10 points.  If an athlete is late for a required session it is minus 5 points.  Some subjectivity is taken into account if someone that does not usually exemplify positive qualities has a great week.  Despite total points, they might be considered for a runner up position.

The players who had the best overall effort for weeks 1-5 are the following:

(Note: All weights are based on last year. New weights will be listed at the conclusion of winter conditioning)

Week 6

Lifter of the Week

Mike Lanaris (+10) Points – (6'1-228), the redshirt freshman LB came in last summer and started tearing it up in the weight room. He impressed the coaches by setting an early example of great work ethic, displayed leadership qualities. In the year since he, and continues to show his dedication through hard work, and is becoming one of the Bulls younger role models in the weight room


Honorable Mention

Cameron Perkins (+5) Points – (5'10-180) - A Fifth year senior who earned a spot as a walk-on in 2007. Ran a sub 4.5 -40, and had a 3.2% body fat last summer, and has carried over this year as he continues to display a great work ethic and effort in the weight room.


Honorable Mention

Kenneth Luberice (+5) Points – (5'11—231) - The sophomore linebacker tried out in 2007 as a walk-on and earned a spot on the roster, and was named a Golden Bull at the '08 football banquet. Also earned honorable mention in 2008, and continues to show hard work and dedication on the field and off.

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