TJ: It's going to be a fun offense to watch!

While at the NFL combine USF receiver Taurus Johnson found out that the USF promoted WR Coach Mike Canales to OC and hired Phil McGeoghan as the new receiver coach. Read on and see what the Bulls electric playmaker has to say about both, and their impact on the USF offense. Stay informed with

USF receiver Taurus Johnson finished his career at USF with 112 catches for 1,434 yards and 12 touchdowns, and got invited to the annual Shrine game and to the NFL combine, which he just returned home from. While at the combine the T.J found out that the USF promoted Mike Canales to OC and hired Phil McGeoghan as receiver coach, and the Bulls electric playmaker has something to say about both.


On Coach Canales being the Bulls new Offensive coordinator

"I feel great about that and give him all the congratulations for getting the nod. With coach bringing in Phil is just the icing on the cake. Those boys are going to have a good time next year I tell you that, and it's going to be a fun offense to watch next year."


On what coach Canales brought to the WR when he arrived
"When Coach C. came in he brought passion and knowledge. He's been to the league and h
elped the entire unit in so many ways. He taught us things we've never seen before, how to read coverage's more, what to recognize, run better routes. Also, how important blocking was to being a complete football player and it was way to keep money in your pocket. Coach Canales is a great coach he taught us a lot, and I love him to death."


On Canales bringing ‘Who's got the juice'   

"Coach C. said ‘Who's got the juice' when he first got here, at first we didn't know what it was, but now when the receivers say ‘We got the juice ‘that has kind of become our thing, and that brought our receiver unit to a whole other level. He started that, and I wouldn't be surprised if he comes up with another thing next year."


On how that will translate as the Bulls new Offensive coordinator

"Everything he brought will translate very well. He knows the offense, schemes, and how to put it all together. We have the receivers and the offense to do it, and his job now is to put it all together. With the offensive staff of Larry Scott, Franks, Simmonds and Phil McGeoghan Will put a lot of time and hard work in creating schemes for our offense so that on Saturdays they can put up 30-40 points every game. He's going to air it out, but get the running backs involved in the passing game and that's going to be big right there.


On how the offense will look under Canales

"I think the offense is going to be kind of the same, but he's going to put a lot more excitement into it. More reverses, add some big plays, spread the ball around, especially to the running backs. As a coach he brings a lot to the table and a lot of exciting plays that he's already started on. It's going to be an exciting offense to watch."


His feeling on Phil McGeoghan as the Bulls new WR coach

"The boys are going to love him big time. Phil is the type of coach that will be looking at all the small stuff. He's going to have them working hard, and playing tough. He knows so much about playing the position and knows what every play is worth and that right there is going to be huge. He's a great hire big time, no doubt about it."


On what McGeoghan brings to the table

"He brings that passion and aggressiveness that you want in a coach. He's a wide receiver so he knows everything about the position and also knows what the players need and how to reach them. He's been in the league, and knows how to get there, and what the players need to do to prepare themselves. Phil is one of those coaches that you want to be around all week."


On his relationship with the Bulls new receivers coach

"I've known Phil for a little over a year, ever since Coach Canales introduced us. I call him every other day or he'll call me. Just to check up and see what's going on. He helped me during the season and has continued to help m further my career."


On Coach Phil helping him get to the combine

"He's helped me with everything, and knows a few people. Before the season ended, I didn't know what to expect and if I was going to get invited to an all-star game, a combine or anything. Him, Coach C, and my agent got together and talked to some teams and got me an invite to the East-West Shrine game. I did well enough there to get an invite to the NFL combine.  While prepping for the combine, my agent would stop by and Phil would check up on me, and all helped get me prepared, but my trainer Jason Reilly out of Saddle brook resort got me where I need to be."


On Phil McGeoghan helping him at the combine

"I told him if I go to the combine, than you got to go with me, pump me up, coach me up and get me right. He came up and we were hanging out, having a good time and laughing. Then he put all the joking aside and said this is what you're here for, what you do here can set you up for the rest of your life. You worked hard to get here and now go out there have fun and show them what you can do. We all love you and support you 110 percent. Me, Coach C, Coach Leavitt and all of USF is behind you. That really made feel comfortable and helped me relax and have a good showing."


On how the other USF receivers will respond to the new coach

"They're going to look at him just like Coach C. was there. They're going to respond real well to him, I know they will. They knew of him but not as much as me, but they will. He's already called Jessie, Carlton, A.J., Bogan, and called all the boys. He's on it."

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