USF Spring Q&A with DE David Bedford

Defensive end David Bedford came in as a highly touted JUCO prospect, but after an insane workload to get on the USF campus, didn't have the year fans expected, but all that's changed as he enters his first spring practice. Read on and find out what changes he's made, and why he thinks he can make an impact in 2009. Only on

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USFN: How's your first day of spring as a Bull going so far?

Bedford: It's going great. It's a whole lot different from what I was used to ad good old Independence, but I'm getting it.


USFN: What's the biggest change you've made in yourself since arriving on campus?

Bedford: Oh man I changed a lot, mainly my endurance, and being able to go a lot more plays. When I first got here I was out of shape after doing all those credit hours, but now I can go a whole lot more.


USFN: How does spring practice compare to the summer session?

Bedford: It's not really that much different. It's the same tempo and we're still flying around. Personally I'm a better player now then I was then so it's easier to grasp.


USFN: Do you think you're mentally different as a player?

Bedford: Mentally there is a big difference. When I first got here, it was easy to break me down because I wasn't used to how they do it. Half of what we do here working out would be a whole day at Independence. I had to get used to it and had to fight through getting tired.


USFN: How are you doing in the defensive line rotation?

Bedford: I'm right behind Marshall; it's him and George Selvie as the starters. You know I want to start, anybody wants to start, but I should be getting a lot more snaps this upcoming season.


USFN: What is your current height and weight this spring?

Bedford: Right now I'm about 6'5 and weighing 245 pounds. I came in over 260, but lost all that fat, they got me right over the past year. I'm stronger and a whole lot faster.


USFN: Are you looking forward to strapping the pads on?

Bedford: That's going to be fun and we'll be able to work some moves during the one-on-ones. Now it's pretty much just speed rushing, and they don't want us to do a lot of bull rushing, and I'm a big bull rush guy. I don't just want to go run around them, and if I can blow them up, that's what I want to add to it.  


USFN: What do you want to accomplish this spring?

Bedford: This spring I like to earn a starting spot. If not a starting spot than I just want the coaches to have confidence in me. That's one thing that I lacked in the beginning of last season, and they weren't so sure about me. I want them to be confident that when I go out there, they'll get the same production out of as the starters. I just have to get a little better every single day.

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