USF Spring Practice Q&A: New DC Joe Tresey

The Bulls just finished heir first week of spring practice this week and new USF defensive coordinator Coach Joe Tresey tells USFNation his thoughts of the first week of spring, the depth chart, replacing five defensive starters, and more. Only on -- Get it First, Get it Fast!

USFNation: What are your overall impressions from the first week of practice?

Coach Tresey: Well we are very excited, I think the players have done an outstanding job of being engaged and they are trying to take everything in like a sponge. They come into the office during the day asking questions, looking at video. We started Thursday and it is Tuesday, so we haven't had this thing together for really a week. We have thrown a decent amount of things at them and the players have responded real well. They are very excited and are a great group of kids. We just have to get better each day.


USFN: How has the acclimation and getting to know the team been?

Tresey: Believe it or not I am pretty good on the defense, offence, the skill positions and Grothe because I know them; we have had to prepare to play them each season. The offensive lineman I have to get to know though but I am working on it, and it takes a little while.


USFN: What have you seen after a few days without wearing pads?

Tresey: Everybody is very excited, we are athletic, and we play fast. They have done really well and for the amount of things we put in, and they have retained a lot which is a really good sign.


USFN: Since you specialized with the secondary, what have you seen from the DB's?

Tresey: Jerome Murphy has a lot of potential and so does Quenton Washington. I think that George Baker is a little raw right now but he wants to be coached, he will figure it out when the time goes on and he will get better. Jerrell and Nate are two very solid safeties. John Lejiste is a great backup and Dexter Baldwin is a big tall corner with a lot of great attitude.


USFN: The defensive backs have said that you have a different philosophy from the old DB coach Troy Douglas and that you bring a little fire and brimstone to the field?

Tresey: I am who I am. I just have a lot of fun when I coach, I love my job. I'm just excited to be here. Jim has just been super, the staff has been outstanding. They are very close, tight knit guys and everyone is on the same page. You hope every here you go your staff is like that.


USFN: Since it's only been your second day of practice are you still the nice guy or the tough one?

Tresey: I will probably be no different than what you saw today. I'm who I am. I don't think about being a nice guy or bad guy except when I am off the field. When I know I have to go grab somebody in the locker room and tell them that either everything is going to be ok, or I love you, etc. I can't just turn it on or turn it off.


USFN: You get a little time to work over spring break, what are you planning on doing?

Tresey: David Blackwell is coming in and Kevin Patrick will be her along with Pat St. Louis, and Jared Davis. We will all be going through the packages, evaluating personnel and looking over some of our game film, so that David can get familiar with the players. The timing of this was a little tight in the beginning but I think it worked out well. Believe it or not the stuff they ran at Clemson is the same things they are doing. It's not that big of a transition. He was in today and we talked about it.


USFN: How much are you looking forward to seeing the guys put pads on?

Tresey: Excited, you find out the kids that like to play with punches and attitude and you also find out the kids who are not sure. So you have to transition the ones who are not sure and make them start playing with attitude and punches. When you get those kids to that level, keep them fundamentally sound and polished, that's the whole goal.


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